"Don't ever forget me," I say, pushing a gold locket into his hands. His forehead presses against mine.
"Never," he promises, and kisses me for what could be the last time ever.

Sophia Smith is Justin Bieber's best childhood friend, and first love. But when he gets a record deal and leaves to Atlanta and away from Canada, Sophia is torn. But Justin promises he will never forget her... but has he really kept that promise?

A story of love, fame, hope and believing...


8. Beauty and a Beat

Mrs McNeil's voice blasts trough the speakers planted around the corridors.

"Good morning, pupils. As you all know, christmas is coming up, and we thought it would be a great idea to hold a school dance to celebrate..."

Sarah's already squealing.

"'s girl's choice. It will be held on the 20th of December at Limo Night Club. Hope to see you all there."

Great. Girls choice. Guess I won't be going then. The speakers crackle out, and then cheers spread through the school. Laura grabs my wrists and jumps up and down. She looks extra stunning today. Her ginger hair is pulled up into a messy bun, her green eyes thick with mascara and outlined with glittering gold eyeliner, and her lips a classy plum  colour. If only I looked as gorgeous as her. Instead god has graced me with boring plain brown hair, pale blue eyes and skin that looks like mouldy coffee. Yuck. Jenny's eying up every lad that walks by, whilst Sarah's already clear on who she wants to take.

"I'm so taking Josh. I'll tell him I've thought about things long and hard, and think we should try a first date. If things go well, then-"

"I think it's stupid," I say interrupting her. "I'm not going." Everyone turns to look at me. Even the people I'm not talking to.

"What?!" Laura says, freeing my wrists. "It's school dance. You have, like, no option, honey."

"I'd go if Justin came home." Jenny sighs.

"Pia, that is just not going to happen. It's getting boring hearing you say that. Really."

I roll my eyes, and walk off in the opposite direction, and realise I'm heading for the library. I find a comfy beanie in a corner, and take out my phone and check twitter. I can't help myself. I check out Justin's page, but it's all old stuff that hasn't been updated for a couple hours. But then the page buffers for a minute or two, and I see a new post at the top of his feed. My eyebrows twitch, and I don't hesitate to read it.

Can't wait! Going back to my home town for chirstmas! #soexcited

My hands slap over my mouth to hide my screams. I feel as if my depression has left me, and excited bubbles are popping in my head. This could be my perfect oppurtunity to see him again. I comment, leaving a little "<3" (heart). I feel my own heart thumping against my rib cage when I realise that he's commented on his own post.

Bringing Selena too!#truelove

Then everything drops. Including my heart.


"Josh totally wants to come to the dance with me," Sarah says licking bubblegum pink nail polish across her perfect long nails. "Who wouldn't?" 

Laura raises her eyebrows and fakes a smile. The one thing Sarah lacks is modesty.

"I'm taking Ali," she says.

"Alisdair Jones?" Jenny asks, flicking through the latest copy of Teen Now. Laura nods.

"I'm going to ask Justin," I finally say. They all look at me. "He's coming back to Stratford. In 2 days."

No one says anything, only carry on with what they are doing.


My mouse hovers over the link to Justin's new track. Beauty and a Beat. I play it, and only hope I could be his beauty to go with his beat.


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