"Don't ever forget me," I say, pushing a gold locket into his hands. His forehead presses against mine.
"Never," he promises, and kisses me for what could be the last time ever.

Sophia Smith is Justin Bieber's best childhood friend, and first love. But when he gets a record deal and leaves to Atlanta and away from Canada, Sophia is torn. But Justin promises he will never forget her... but has he really kept that promise?

A story of love, fame, hope and believing...


2. As Long As You Love Me

2 years later...


There's 4 of us claiming the streets, gossiping and giggling like typical girly teenagers. Sarah, a tall blonde, claps her hands together. "Oh my god," she says, her eyes widening. "Josh Gregsons asked me out on Thursday!" We all squeal and pretend to be super happy for her.

"That's amazing!" Jenny says. She's quite small, and has short blonde pixie like hair, and such an adorable face. We all agree. "Did you say yes?" Sarah shrugs.

"I said I'd think about it," she says, brushing off the question and drawing the subject to a close. A little newsagent pops into sight. "Hey, d'you mind if I get a magazine and a coke? Won't be a sec!"

I go with her, and as soon as we enter the little shop, wafts of strong alcohol cause me to wrinkle my nose. Sarah gives that disapproving look and shakes her head, then opens a little fridge and gets out a can of coke. My eyes quickly scan the shop, and I drift towards the magazines. I have a look over them for a while, and then I see something that catches my eye. There, on the cover of  Now, is him. Justin. My heart skips a beat. In seconds, I find the magazine in my hands, my eyes locked with the writing imprinted in bold on the cover. Bieber hits No1, and not just with his music. Is he getting cosy with Miss Gomez? I should be feeling ecsatic for him. Number 1, what he's always wanted! But it's the last couple of words that shatter my happiness. Has Justin moved on? Does he even remember me? Sarah interrupts my thoughts.

"Getting anything?" She asks, her personality bubbling all around me. I take another look at the magazine, then shake my head and put  it back.

"No," I say. "Let's go."

I'm glad to be out that shop. But I still feel mopey. "Guys I think I'm gonna go home," I drawl and give a pathetic wave. Lucy pouts behind her chocolate curls. "Bye."


My bed isn't nearly as comfy as I remember, and my room feels dark and lonely. My eyes drift towards a framed picture of me and Justin, beaming at the camera at some water park. With my hand, I cover the half of the picture that shows me, and imagine Selena Gomez there instead. I feel sick. I quickly remove my hand, and prop the picture back on my bedside table. Then an idea springs to my mind. I get out my phone, and look through my contacts. I get to J. Justin: Message. Call. Email. My thumb hovers over the call button, but something's stopping me from pressing it. It's fear. Fear that he won't pick up the phone. Fear that he'll hang up. Fear that he's forgotten me. I shake my head, knowing I'll never be able to pluck the courage to call him. He's a superstar now, if not more than that. A megastar. He won't remember me. It causes pain, but I force myself to believe it. I flick through our old messages, and feel tears prick my eyes. Me: Hey. Justin: Hi! How r u? Me: I miss you... Justin: You'll be fine. And I'll be fine. As long as you love me.

My phone slips through my fingers. Isn't that what our love's doing? Slipping through my fingers? And I'm just letting it fall into an abyss of forgotenness. Forgotten love. That's what it'll soon be.

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