Serene has been getting these strange dreams since she was fifteen, now her dreams are coming true, and not in a good way. Two young men from her dreams suddenly appear, and they aren't both here to help. Serene suddenly has to fight for her life, as both Serene Davidson and the Archangel Gabriel.


1. strange dream


Peace settled around me, everything simply whispered serenity. I was in a complete bliss; no bad feelings seemed to be able reach me here. I couldn’t help the smile that spread across my lips as a soft breeze ruffled my wavy blond hair.

“Gabriel.” A voice said from behind me and I whirled around. A boy stood a few mere feet away from me, his hair was dark and short, his cloths were pure white and his eyes were a dark hazel, almost gold. The boy was stunning, a kind of beautiful I had never seen before, almost angelic.

“Um, who are you?” I asked the stranger, an amused smirk crosses his lips. His lips are alluring and I struggle to look away from them.

“Why don’t you remember me Gabriel? You should since you sent me to hell with the help of your precious master and your Michele.” the boy sneered and I stepped backwards, I didn’t know who he was, I didn’t know what he was talking about and I didn’t understand why he was calling me Gabriel. The anger that suddenly crept into me was contrasting the fear that swirled in the air around me, attempting to break through; I suddenly didn’t feel like myself. No, that wasn’t right; I still felt like me, but a different me.

“Leave her alone Lucifer.” Another voice said from behind me, what was with everybody sneaking up on me? Again I spun to locate the owner of the voice who had dared to speak. I came face to face with an angel, well in looks at least. This boy had brown, blond hair that wasn’t much different from mine, his eyes were a pale blue, and my guess is they would look silver dependant on how the light shone on them. He was even more beautiful than the first boy and my heart yearned for him, which was strange. He really did look like he could be an angel.

“Now who in god’s good name are you?” I questioned in a glare, placing one hand on my hip and putting more weight into me left leg. A small half smile played on the boy’s face. Both boys were now looking at me, the dark haired one now scowled whilst the blond one smiled.

“I am Michele, do not fret Gabriel. This evil will not harm you.” Wow. He was weirder than the other boy. I rolled my eyes, feeling no fret at all.

“Ok first of all, my name is serene not Gabriel. Second of all what is going on?” I demanded and Michele touched his hand to my forehead. I suddenly felt the peace that I had first experienced and became distantly aware of Michele’s whisperings.

“Shh, you are safe now, my angel.” That was the last I heard.

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