Descendants of the Ancients

Over a million years ago, the three kings of the race of the hollows' most important districts, shared an unbelievable fight against one and another. It ended in a curse casted upon them all.

"Not in a million years will your roots see the light of day, and you'll never experience your roots grow out"
In fear, all the Ancients ran to three corners of their territories of the ancient hollow land, Maloea, and froze themselves for the centuries coming.

Millions of years later, three teens with strange abilities appear to the cursed land. And if the plan fails, the paradox they are stuck in will last forever.


1. Chapter one- Maiknod costs

A young blonde teen woke up from her relaxing dream. Today she and her friends were going to an island in the Pacific, called Maiknod. It was the most beautiful island ever, and it's culture was said to be taken from the ancient vikings of the Scandinavian countries, which is actually rare for an exotic island to do so. So of course that island was extremely popular in the tourist industry. The culture was taken from Sweden. The typical person's mood was from Denmark. And of course the nature had some roots from Norway. Even if she was Scottish, it still was interesting about these nations. How they've been through so much, and remain great friends to this day. Scotland had history alongside the nordic countries as well  which was why she even knew that Denmark existed. Most people she knew thought it was the capital of Sweden. Maybe Evron just thought that because he was really american, not british. She had 4 friends, but only two were attending the vacation. Their names were Evron, Fierce, Dian, and Helene. Helene was norwegian and explained her interest in the danish culture to the young blonde, which waked Anna's obsession with the nordic countries. Anna rose from her bed, to go out and brush her hair. She froze in the instant she stood up from her warm covers. 'Not again' she thought. Her powers were under development, she could still feel the chilling feeling inside her. The same feeling that made her skin always be ice-cold. She was an unusual scottish girl.  She didn't have freckles. Most of all, she was half-ghost. This was why she had ice-cold skin. However, she was far from pale. In fact, her skin was a tad of a dark tan. All her friends were different creatures. Dian and Fierce were half wolves, however the wolf version of them were more vicious than the human version. They almost always lost control, and would never use the wolf forms unless it was really required. Evron, even though he denied that he was one, is was a vampire. However his vampire state is more unstable than a regular vampire's is. It was unknown for the others, but definatly was Evron the most normal of them all. Every person in England was cursed the same way. There was more needed than being born with the curse, before it takes effect. It was something, she just didn't know what. And of course, she didn't WANT it to take effect fully. Evron wanted to live normally, and he should be allowed to live normally. Everyone deserves a chance at living the normal life and should be allowed to change it whenever they wanted, but of course not everyone could have it that way. It was just nature's way of pissing us all off. Suddenly Anna remembered that she had something to do and couldn't stay around hanging there, she had to catch up on Evron who most likely had packed all his items, but was slacking it off at home. Typically him. Either sleeping all day, acting weird, or else mostly likely complaining about how Anna never lies. True fact, Anna has never told a lie, not even for others' good. That could potentially be bad for her, but what the hell, she didn't care about that. She was half-ghost for gods sake! She could just swoop away with her ghastly side, though not consciously  The ghost side would take control, but most likely also swoop away. No ghost is stupid enough to kill their host. She rushed outside with all of her luggage after that eternity of thoughts, and went over to Evron's house. Truth to be told, he had a nice home. From the red bricks of the walls to the violet, blue, and pink flowers on the dark-green grass. The roof had a nice brownish colour and the windows a peaceful aroma to them with their awkward oval shapes. Yep, Evron had designed his own house when he was like, 9. Stupid thought really, but who could blame him, it'd more be the irresponsible parents who always travelled with their own money, leaving the poor boy alone without any friends around due to them vacationing too. Though he didn't mind too much, really. All he did anyways was sleep or eat junk-food while manage to maintain his slim figure. Impressive. Actually, really impressive. Hell, how cool would it be to be able to do that? Do nothing all day and end up with a super-model's body. Lucky bastard. Anyways, back to the story. Anna couldn't wait to see the boy, he was like her best friend. They've known each other since kinder-garden  Cliché, I know. Anyways, she couldn't wait to see him even though he was probably going to look at tacky and sloppy as always. Although it would be exiting that his emo-wise outfit he had been speaking about all the summer, and now that it was Autumn, she figured it'd be time he finally got the damn clothes. Not usually him to go with that kind of craze seeing he's a light-hearted person, but who was she to complain? She knocked on the door only to get no response. After minutes of her impatience, she found the key to his door right behind one of the bushes and just broke down the door. "Evron!" She yelled into the building only to find the boy slacking off as usual in his couch while listening to some music. Typically him. With her head now red ,burning and fuming she went over and took the earpieces out at the moment where the music just hit it's climax point. God what a weirdo her friend was. "Whaaaaat?" The minor slim blackhaired boy's whining was just extremely dull. It was so dull, she got tired by listening to it. That's just typically him, to speak in a way if he's going to fall asleep any second, which he probably was so there was no argument there. "We're late, again!" Was all she could mutter before ending up dragging him and his luggage out to the airport nearby. Anna was a strong girl, she could handle almost anything in luggage and ended up most of the time just carrying Evron's shit. At least Fierce or Dian weren't as troublesome. When they finally managed to get inside the airport, they had 1 hour left before flight so they could meet up with the other guys. They found them when they had like 15 minutes left, due to Evron's need for shopping some snacks. Well, Anna admitted to have looked on purses and shoes for a while also. Even though she didn't need them, she just felt kinda attracted to them. Fierce's piercings reflected the shine of the autumn sun, leaving it obvious to see his eyes and his mouth, generally his face. His pale skin really needed a tan, and he really needed to get off the white t-shirts. Dian's black short hair that matched Evron's was also shimmering in the sunlight, and having Dian's black tank-top made him look tougher than his little brother. Fierce was as his name revealed the fierce, brave, and strong one. That left him with a cold shell and a harsh personality, meanwhile Dian was happy and cheery as always. The dude was optimistic, and don't forget to mention atheist. He didn't speak too openly about it, but he definatly eagered himself in his lack of belief. Anna being an agnostic could relate, but being half-ghost wouldn't exactly let her deny the spiritual existence. Dian did not know to Anna's powers, so therefore finds it weird when the others doesn't that her skin looks that way and is so cold. The announcer on the speakers reminded them to get boarding on their plane, and they were gone in an instant. No way in hell would they miss out a chance on this adventure. What they just didn't know was something was waiting. An adventure, life threatening to be exact. Were they really ready to take it all on their own? Well, let's continue on to next chapter and find out.

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