love bites

vampire love all about one lonely girl and one popular boy a blood sucking adventure about romance and a secret to be shared only between them never to be revealed to the human race.


1. vampire bite

at school dani had an extrodinary secret she would never tell anybody she was a vampire a friendly one though she didnt want to be a full vampire or have the ability to suck the life out of humans she was different thats all just an ordinary girl to everybody else but she for no reason what so ever could ever tell a living soul it was one of the few vampire rules Dani had long brown hair , lips as red as fresh blood and eyes as blue as the daytime sky but most of all fangs as sharp as razors she had no friends everyone thought she was completely weird she always sat alone and always sat at the back of the classroom she hated playtime and lunch if the sun was shining she loved dark , spooky places but the light just burnt and thats no lie if a suns ray were to hit her she would be nothing more but ash a rotting grey old pile of particles all burnt up into thousands of little peices she hated school and that was no where near about to change.

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