love bites

vampire love all about one lonely girl and one popular boy a blood sucking adventure about romance and a secret to be shared only between them never to be revealed to the human race.


2. new fresh fangs

new boy coming through his names Jake short black hair blue eyes and... well theres nothing to add on to that he was the new Mr.Popular in the school chatting with his friends but he too declined to go outside into daylight Dani watched closly and tilted her head slightly he sat on the desk oposite her she starred at him for quite a while he got so fed up with her he decided to frighten her by giving a vampire hiss and showing his fangs but no fear in her eyes because she too is one of him she hissed back Jake gasped in shock,

"your a vampire too?, i thought i was the only one here"

"well look again Mr.Popular Fangs your not the only one" Dani replied.

"why are you lonely,dark "and have no friends?" he questioned

"look, this is how i like it alright even my father hates me he wants me to be more like a vampire ,yet... this is how i choose to live my life"

"oh, i must dash im going to the library to read the new book, love bites  its about our culture"

as he went to leave the room he turned around

"i didnt catch your name"

"Dani my name is Dani"

"im jake , bite you later"

"yeah cant wait" said Dani very unenthusiastically.

"breathers(humans) pet" she murmured to herself



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