love bites

vampire love all about one lonely girl and one popular boy a blood sucking adventure about romance and a secret to be shared only between them never to be revealed to the human race.



Dani was fed up of being a little fish in a big pond at school she put round golden earings on red streaks in her hair and a new bag that was sure to wow the crowd she designed her nails the funkiest she could do and double eyeshadow as she walced her way into school the entire playground stared at her she smiled then without warning the sun came out firey smore blazed up and she dashed in the darkness she was burning up but no ashes yet she was just lucky she wasnt there for long the children carried on playing in Danis mind they all teased her, picked on her she cried but no clear tear but a bloody red only in the mind of course although her fangs became impatient and a serious pain immerged three kids at the school gates were dressed as slayers she stared and had a flashback slayers killed her mother but were these going to murder her? nobody knew she was a vamp although those three became suspicious they are all twins Delila, Stephanie and David  they have read all about vampires and discovered from reading how vampires burn in the sunlight they were just about to pull steaks(no food a type of weapon used to slay vamps)out of their pockets or as seemed so to Dani when the principal went by with her blond pigtails and beaded necklace yep you guessed shes right posh and treats school like its invisible thats why the school was so bad! once again her fangs hurt it was like they were trying to draw her to breathers she screamed out loud,


but then she realised what she had said she rephrased,

"i mean, OWWW MY TEETH"

everybody starred at her seems like cool, is out the window.

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