love bites

vampire love all about one lonely girl and one popular boy a blood sucking adventure about romance and a secret to be shared only between them never to be revealed to the human race.


4. bites of the day

Dani was reading the daily fangs when she came across a section about bites of the day she became intrested and began to read more it was like the talk of breathers was intregeing her she was still reading when her father burst in...

"The daily fangs i see, what page?"

"no page"

"oh, i know you have been reading bites of the day havent you i told you the change is happening and you cant fight it"

"yes i can"

"no you cant, not even the greatest can like me"

"yeah you cant because youve never tried, look this is who i want to be not a vicious vampire like you and your gang of blood sucking murderers" said Dani

her father sighed heavily,

"im dissapointed in you"

"you always are"

"and why is that?" he questioned

"because you hate me" Dani answered

her father slammed the door and locked it looking very angry.

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