Little Things

Everyone says a storm is cuddle weather. What about a hurricane. Tiffany is stuck at her home in a small town in New Jersey. She gets some unexpected visitors. So I won't tell you much but I ask you can being stuck together bring people closer or drive them apart?


3. You Guys Irritate Me

Why did I let them in? What was I thinking? I can't just kick them out. Can I? I looked at them. My least favorite was Liam. He had no sense of humor and wasn't that attractive. Louis was completely irrelevant. Harry hit on every girl he met. Niall had bad teeth. Zayn was just, I can't even describe him. well these are the things I hear from my friends. My school is filled with directionaters as their called. Yeah I'm a directionater and I'm proud. I don't like them or their music. "You are One Direction." I stated. "Oh no. Not a psycho fan." said Louis rolling his eyes. This is why I hate them. They are so arrogant  "Actually I'm the exact opposite. I don't like you one bit." "Not even the looks?" teased Zayn with a pose. See what I mean?! "No. I don't like you okay. You can stay here until the storms over then get out!" I yelled. "Well someone is in a touchy mood." pouted Liam. Ugh. Don't act all innocent. "There are two spare rooms upstairs and a sleeping bag. I get the couch." I stated angrily. "Why are you taking the couch?" asked Niall. "There is a HUGE tree next to the house and I don't want it to fall into my room." "Okay. I'll sleep on the floor down here. To keep you company." offered Liam with a smile. "Fine. Goodnight. There are TVs in your room." Everyone went upstairs except Liam. He pulled my red sleeping bag out of the closet that I had pointed to. He rolled it out and laid down. "So you really do hate us. Don't you? Why?" he asked. "You are arrogant  irreverent  unattractive, flirting, puppets controlled by your management and you have no talent. I mean tonight let's get some. Really?" I half yelled. "Well have you heard some of our other songs or seen us on the X factor?" he asked. "No and I don't care to. I've heard What makes you beautiful and live while were young and they suck. as for the X factor I bet you were just as bad then as you are now." I full out yelled this time. "Maybe if you watched some you'd change your mind." he said rolling over in the sleeping bag. Fat chance.

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