Little Things

Everyone says a storm is cuddle weather. What about a hurricane. Tiffany is stuck at her home in a small town in New Jersey. She gets some unexpected visitors. So I won't tell you much but I ask you can being stuck together bring people closer or drive them apart?


8. Water Under The House

"Guys we have a leak!" yelled Tiff from the basement. "Need help?" shouted Harry. "Um yes! If I didn't need your help I wouldn't have told you! I have stuff down here! Now come help me move it!" she almost screamed. We all shuffled down the stairs. I was first down and I saw her starting to fall off of a step ladder. "Tiffany!" I shouted and ran behind her to stop her from falling. "Gracias." she replied. I know most people just say Gracias, but I wanted to know if she spoke Spanish  "Usted habla español?" I asked her which means do you speak Spanish  "Si, y usted." she replied. That means yes and you. "Con fluidez?" I ask. This means fluently? "Sí, así que ¿qué haces para divertirte?" She asked me. This means 'Yeah, so what do you do for fun?'  "Umm fútbol, no fútbol americano, comer, cantar, tocar la guitarra. ¿Qué hay de ti?" I replied. This means' Umm football, not american football, eating, singing, playing guitar. What abou you?' "Me gusta cantar también. Me gusta la lectura, actuando, he estado en un par de obras de teatro, me gusta hacer karate, y escribir. Me encanta escribir. No importa si se trata de historias o fanfics, y me encanta el periodismo."Which means'I like to sing too. I like to read, to act, I've been in a few plays, I like to do karate, and to write. I absolutely love to write. No matter whether it is stories or fanfiction, and I love journalism. ' It's been a long time since I had a conversation in another language so her and I chatted for some time while the other's moved things upstairs. "Probablemente debería ayudar a los chicos. Voy a hablar con usted dentro de poco." I told her while grabbling a box. This means 'I should prabably help the guys. Talk to you soon.'  "Vale, hablamos más tarde." she replied with a wink. That means 'Okay, talk to you later.' She walked up both flights of stairs and I followed her. I stopped in her doorway on the way to the attic. I saw her take out a poster and rip some tape. She put up a small poster of me in a gray sweatshirt sitting on a couch. At least my acne wsn't too bad there. Also we could talk without the other guys understanding. 

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