Little Things

Everyone says a storm is cuddle weather. What about a hurricane. Tiffany is stuck at her home in a small town in New Jersey. She gets some unexpected visitors. So I won't tell you much but I ask you can being stuck together bring people closer or drive them apart?


4. Stuck With Them

I wake up and look at my battery powered radio. 8:04. It's way too early. Rain is still pounding down on the windows. A rather good smell floods my nostrils. Bacon and eggs. I get up, wrap myself in my cheetah print snuggie, and I walk into the kitchen. I see Niall setting the table for six. Louis is doing some dishes that had been in the sink. Zayn was putting the egg carton back in the fridge which was being powered by my tiny generator. Harry is coming up from the basement with bottles of water because we can't drink our tap water. Liam is standing at my little gas powered stove top making a delicious breakfast. Did I judge them too fast? No they are self centered brats. Well If they are why did they go through all this trouble? I was at war with myself. Who were these boys? "Good morning Love." they all chirped in unison. "You look grumpy." pouted Liam stepping away from the food holding the frying pan with the scrambled eggs. "Well you guys look very chipper this morning. How'd you sleep?" I asked genuinely caring to find out why they are so happy. "Why do you care? You hate us. Remember?" joked Harry. "I remember but you are my guests. So how'd you sleep?" I asked again. "I slept fine. How about you?" answered Louis looking at Zayn and Niall. "Like a baby." said Niall with his cute Irish accent. Okay, I lied when I said they were unattractive but they still had huge egos. "I slept great." answered Zayn. "What about you?" asked Liam. "Good. A little bit better then last night. Knowing I'm not alone." I asked mumbling the last part. "Whats wrong with being alone." asked Harry. "I-I'm hhusdg dh hrujf skubr." I mumbled. "What?" they all asked. "I'm hwcag hu bsuhd sqohe." I mumbled again. "What?" they asked again. "I'M AFRAID OF BEING ALONE OKAY?!" I yelled. "You're afraid of being alone?" asked Zayn. "Yes, and I'm alone a lot. No one is really my friend anyway." I replied angrily. What's the point at trying to explain anything to these shallow celebrities. "Thank you for the breakfast." I said taking a plate of food and a water bottle and running up the stairs to my room. I slammed the door and locked it and I put my meal on the desk. I sat on my pink bean bag chair and began to cry. After a few minutes I heard whispering outside of my door I shouted go away. "We're sorry if we did anything to upset you." apologized Louis. "I can't stand you guys!" I yelled at them. "What have we done to you?" asked Niall. "Everything! I loved you guys and you blew me off!" I almost screamed. "What do you mean?" asked Harry leaning on the door trying to turn the knob. "I wrote a very long play trying to win a contest to meet you. I loved you guys so much. It was just after your first tour was over. Two weeks later I got a letter back from you guys personally saying I won. I was so happy. Then a few days later I got another letter. This one said they got a late entry that was so much better than my ameture work so they chose her! I went to school that day thinking I wasn't good enough writer and I love to write. It's my passion. I was the best writer in my entire school. I won all of our competitions. I knew I probably wasn't the best in the world but you got my hopes up. It was all for nothing. I gave up writing. I took down all the fanfictions I had written off of this website. I took my posters off my walls and put them in the attic. When I told the people at my school what happened they hated you for it. They still hate you too. I started being anti-social. Not writing locked my feeling inside of me and I lost all of my friends. Now I'm a nobody. I always will be." The tears streamed down my face. I buried my face into my bean bag chair my body racking with sobs. I heard a sickening crack and i peeked to see what it was. Harry and Zayn had broken down my door. I saw the sorrow in their eyes. Liam walked in and kneeled by me. "Let me see your wrists." he whispered. I showed them to him. He though I might have cut my wrists. I do cut myself but I cut my upper thighs not my wrists. This way no one saw my scars. "No scars. That's good." He said to me. I tried to hide my evil smirk. Knowing he didn't know my secret just made me smile. He had noticed me trying not to smile. He leaned in close to me. "Let me see your legs." he whispered. Damn you facial expressions  I undid my criss crossed legs and pulled up my sweat pants exposing the myriad of scars on my thighs. "Why do you do this to yourself?" asked Zayn. "I didn't start until this year. This girl in my algebra II class is in love with you guys. It just brings back the horrible memories. I tried to cover up the pain on the inside by causing pain to the outside." I answered whispering. I'm fairly certain only Liam heard me, but I guess Harry heard me too. "Well we are stuck here so you better get used to us girly." answered Harry rudely  "Harry, you have to learn to be more sensitive  Can't you see she's hurting. It's our fault." Liam sassed Harry. He turned to me and leaned into my ear. "During this storm I will make sure to show you that you are amazing. I remember your play. Teenage Drama was it?" He whispered to me and leaned back. I nodded. "I'll make a deal with you. Everytime you are nice to me I will put one of my old posters up. Everytime you are rude or arrogent I'll take one down. If I get all twenty three of my posters of you back up I'll forgive you and I'll start writing again." I offered. They looked around at each other. "Deal."

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