Little Things

Everyone says a storm is cuddle weather. What about a hurricane. Tiffany is stuck at her home in a small town in New Jersey. She gets some unexpected visitors. So I won't tell you much but I ask you can being stuck together bring people closer or drive them apart?


11. Midnight Kiss

Liam's POV

After our movies we all settled down. Tiffany allowed me to sleep on the couch with her. It was a love seat that had the foot rest that popped up. It was actually pretty comfy. Tiffany had fallen asleep leaving me to think. She shifted in her sleep facing me. She was so cute when she slept. I shifted so i was facing her. Why was she so pretty? I took her hand in mine very carefully, hoping not to wake her. "I like you. I really do. You're so beautiful. You're nice and sweet and...and bilingual." I whispered to her chuckling at the last part. "I wish you didn't hate us. I really do wish you liked us. I wish we could date and hug and kiss, but you hate us. You'd never like me." I whispered again. I put my hand and gently caressed her cheek. I moved my hand down to her shoulder  I just let my hand sit right below her shoulder rubbing her arm with my thumb. I noticed something on her shoulder. I looked closer and squinted to see it. It was a tattoo. It said Nialler, Bradford Bad Boi, Hazza, Boo Bear, and Daddy Directioner. she must have gotten it when she was sixteen. When she liked us. I bet she hated it. I bet she thought it was a reminder of how much she hated us. I took her hand in mine again. I leaned in and placed my lips on hers. I kissed her gently trying not to wake her. I pulled away and looked at her beautiful face. "You're amazing." I whispered one last time drifting off into a deep sleep.

Tiffany's POV

I was dreaming. I could see myself and Liam lying on the couch. "Am I having a Lucid dream?" I spoke out loud. I tried to touch Liam but I went through everything. I kneeled by the couch looking at Liam. He whispered stuff about me and that he liked me. "You like me?" I spoke knowing he couldn't hear me. " I saw him put his hand on my cheek and then my shoulder. He squinted and looked closely at my shoulder, making me look down at mine. I got it a while back with Allison. Her's matched too. She also got Stay strong on her wrists, which I was planning to do too. I looked back to Liam and me. I saw him kissing me. KISSING ME?!?! He pulled away. "You're amazing." He whispered. "You're amazing too Liam." I whispered back still knowing he won't hear me. Now I know that I was wrong about them for so long. 

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