Little Things

Everyone says a storm is cuddle weather. What about a hurricane. Tiffany is stuck at her home in a small town in New Jersey. She gets some unexpected visitors. So I won't tell you much but I ask you can being stuck together bring people closer or drive them apart?


6. Laying Here With You


Liams POV   Why did she have to hate us. If she didn't everything would be so much easier. I could ask her out and she'd say yes and we'd be happy. I know Louis likes her a bit too, but no where as near as I do. Ever since the first time I saw her I've had a crush on her. I'm just glad I look good in the posters she has of me. I didn't want to look bad on her wall. When I tried to put my arm around her she let me and that made me smile. All I could think about was what she wrote. Most people wrote fanfiction, but she wrote a play. A musical to be exact. It had nothing to do with us which I loved, but almost all the songs were our first album and some songs we sang on the X factor. It was amazing. The play was about this girl who went to this new high school as a junior. She met a boy who was also new to the school. They went out for a while and she was pressured into breaking up with him even though she still loved him. The boy started to go out with another girl in the class to make her jealous, but she took it as he moved on.  She convinced herself that she needed to  move on too and started going out with another guy that she met at camp. He really fell for her, but she didn't really like him. When school came back around her ex confessed his love and she said he only liked her because she wasn't available. Eventually she broke up with her summer boy and took a break from dating. Her ex finally got her to go back out with him and they fell in love. Well that's the main plot. There are a lot of back round plots like her best friend is a serial dater but is in love with a kid in their class. Another boy is in love with her but he is never open about his feelings so he keeps his love hidden until prom in senior year. In the beginning of senior year her love said he'd loved her all along but she had gotten a boyfriend over the summer. He convinced her to go to prom with him even though he was just using her to make another girl jealous. It is a VERY VERY VERY complicated play, but very true. It's name suits it, Teenage Drama. She wrote a little note on it that said her other name was Love Triangle which suits it too. I read it and re-read it almost ten times. She sent a picture in too. I always pictured me as the Main Characters love interest and Dani as the main character, but now I picture Tiff as her. Hopefully it's much less drama in real life.  
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