Little Things

Everyone says a storm is cuddle weather. What about a hurricane. Tiffany is stuck at her home in a small town in New Jersey. She gets some unexpected visitors. So I won't tell you much but I ask you can being stuck together bring people closer or drive them apart?


2. Come On In

Tiffany's POV

The wind whipped through the trees. I sat on my couch curled up in a blanket. I had a hot chocolate in my hand and my little DVD player in my lap with Tangled on the screen. The rain pounded on the windows and the roof. This hurricane was going to be the death of me. I hate being alone. Yeah I had my neighbors but I was in an anti-social mood. Every time the wind picked up my head turned quickly and my eyes went to the window. One time when I looked out the window I saw headlights. 'Who is crazy enough to drive in this weather?' I asked myself. I didn't take any notice of it and started to think about Wednesday  It was Halloween and I was going trick-or-treating with a group this year. Well I always went trick-or-treating in a group, but this time it was a group costume. I looked over to the costume laid out on the chair. This year me and my three closest friends, Daniela, Allison, and Clarisa, were going to be minions from despicable me. I loved the idea. I looked at the minion T-Shirt, the hard hat, the goggles, the jean shorts, and the yellow tights. It came together so well. I was torn from my thoughts with a knock on the door. I took off my blanket and placed my hot chocolate on the table. I trudged the three foot distance to the door. I opened the door and saw five figures with hoods on. "Hello, could you help us?" asked the one in the front. He had an accent and he spoke rather slowly. It was actually pretty hot. "Sure, come in. Its cold out there." I ushered them inside and had them take a seat. "We are very lost." said another one. I couldn't see his face but he had deep brown eyes. "Yeah we've been driving around for almost an hour." said another. This one had a different accent. It sounded Irish. "Well you ain't going anywhere. All the surrounding roads are flooded. We're practically trapped." I explained. "Could you give us directions to a hotel?" asked another one with sparkling blue eyes. "There aren't any hotels in this town. You can stay here." I offered. They didn't seem like they would hurt me. "Well boys." said the last one "Might as well get comfortable." They all took off their hoods. Oh no. Not them. I knew this hurricane would be the death of me. IT was my least favorite people on earth. One. Direction.

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