Little Things

Everyone says a storm is cuddle weather. What about a hurricane. Tiffany is stuck at her home in a small town in New Jersey. She gets some unexpected visitors. So I won't tell you much but I ask you can being stuck together bring people closer or drive them apart?


9. Can Harry Get on the Wall?

Harry's POV

Yesterday Louis and Niall got on the wall so Zayn and I have to try harder. Zayn had a plan to but something on the stairs so she "fell" and then catch her. Unlike him I wanted mine to be something that didn't put her in harms way. My plan was just to fix anything that broke. I went down to the basement and found almost an inch of water. Good thing we helped her move the stuff from the basement. I walked through the small amount of water with extreme care to get the tool box. "Harry what are you doing?" I heard from the stairs. "Getting the toolbox just in case we need it." I replied. "Harry get back here. Nothing's going to break." she urged. "No, even if nothing does it's good we have it then need it with a foot of water down here." I said grabbing the box. I walked back to where she was. "Thanks Harry." she said trying to hide her smile but I saw it. We walked up the stairs together and into the kitchen. The other boys were upstairs. "So I heard you and Niall talking in spanish. So Parlez-vous français?" Obviously this means do you speak french."Je suis un peu rouillé, mais oui." That means 'I am a little rusty, but yes.' I smile because now we have our own secret way to communicate except Louis. "Cool, maintenant on peut parler sans que personne, sauf compréhension Louis." This means 'Cool, now we can talk without anyone understanding, except Louis.' "J'ai entendu dire que vous et Louis, parlait le français dans une interview. Est-ce vrai?" she smirked. It means 'I heard you and Louis spoke French in an interview. Is this true?' So she heard about the interview, huh. "Um yeah it is. I speak it very well." I smiled at her. "Just so you know we chose you as the winner, but managment wanted a story about us. We thought the play was amazing." "Really? Maybe...maybe I misjudged you guys." she smiled sheepishly. "If you think you think we're that bad you have a right to feel that way." I say turning to walk away "Oh and watch the stairs. Zayn wants to cheat his way onto the wall." I walk into the living room and I see her run past me and up the stairs. When I follow her I see her going into her room. She went into her bedside table drawer. I saw her take out a picture of me in a white T-shirt with a blue backround. She ripped some tape and smiled at me. "Pouvez-vous m'aider?" This means 'Can you help me?' she said with a wink. I smirk at her and walk in to help her put up the poster. "Merci pour l'avertissement avec Zayn." she smiled. That means 'Thank you for the warning with Zayn.' I chuckled. "Now leave I have to get changed." she giggled back. "Amusez-vous" I teased. "That means enjoy." she closed the door saying "I know what it means." Silly girl. 

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