Fame is a book about the boy's of 1D. Having no where to go the boys camp out in the car, but when they wake up, there in someones manshion, who is it, can they be trusted. (one direction fanfic).


1. Friends

*Louis pov*

The day was cold, wet and damp. We still hadn't found a place to stay, every place we picked, fans followed, and always were there. The car was silent, no movement as i drove down the long lonly street. The car's gas was on low, really low, but i didn't tell the guy's, they were to tired. Suddenly the car starts making a noise and the next thing you know i'm pulling the car over to a stop, ''what's happening'', Liam says awoken, ''the car's on empty'', i say, ''what are we going to do'', Liam says woriedly, ''lets just get some sleep and i'll call Paul tomorrow, ok'', i say leaning back in my seat, ''ok, but if the cops get you, not my falt'', he says and lay's back down beside Niall, ''whatever'', i say and the next thing you know i'm asleep.


When i awoke i wasn't in the car, but in a huge room. I was laying in a king sized bed and could here snoring in the room beside me, ''Niall'', i say to myself. I get up out of bed and walk over to the door, ''who's house is this, is it Paul's or managements or some killer'', i say to myself. I gently turn the nobb and walk out of the room, there was like ten room door's in this big room, then i say stairs, ''sould i go down stairs'', i say to myself, just then i here Liam's voice, ''yes, see i told you Lara'', Liam says, who's Lara, ''whatever Liam'', a female voice says, ''whatever Liam'', Liam says back mooking her, ''haha not funny'', she says. ''Where am i, who is Lara'', i say to myself, i guess i'll find out.

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