Save Me Harry

Brooke and Harry have been best friends for a long time. Harry gets the opportunity to leave for the X factor but he doesnt want to leave Brooke because of the boys at school who emotionally and phiscally hurt her. Stay tuned to see how Brooke does while Harryis gone and what happens when he comes back!


1. Surprise Leave

Brooke POV:

"Get away from her!" Harry said standing in front of me completely blocking me from the six boys astanding there. It was Jake and his "crew" They mess with e everyday. Pushing me down, shoving me in lockers, and locking me in the janitors closet. "Do yu honestly think its right to pick on someone that is half the size of ONE of you? Let alone a girl?" Harry said putting the emhasize on "one" He was right. I only weigh 120 pounds. :Oh look who it is." Jake said looking at all of his friends. "Brooke's little boyfriend is here to save her." And they all tarted laughing. "Look... Just leave her alone or you wont be happy." Harry said putting a finger is Jake's chest. He finished and grabbed my hand and led me to the car outsde. He has always been this way. We have ben best friends since foever and he has always been protective of me. Everytime he saw Jake messing with me he would jump to my rescue. "Are you okay Brooke?" he asked pulling me in or a hug. "Yeah" i lied. I know Jake's friends just followed what he did but Jake actually scares me. Im scared that one day Jake will really hurt me in a way that I cant stop him. We got in Harry's car and he drove away. He just turned sixteen and just got a car so he always took us home. Im glad because I dont want to tell my mom about what Jake does because she will make to big of a deal out of it. "Thanks" I mumbled to Harry half way home. "Anytime Brooke" e said and smiled. He doesnt know this but I really like him. Ive aways felt this way but never had the guts to tell him and break our friendship if he didnt feel the same way. For some reason he didnt seem himsef today. He seemed upset and down. "Whats wrong Harry?" I asked looking at him. "Nothing" he said "C'mon, Im your best friend. I can tell when your lying." I said full knowing that he was lying. "Brooke" he started. "Im leaving for the X factor and wont be back for a couple months if I do good in the auditions" He said with tears in his eyes. "But I can stay if you need me to protect you from Jake" he said. "Harry, no. You go and do your thing. Ill be fine." I said putting on a fake smile. I really didnt want him to leave but I cant hold him back from his dreams. I just dont know if I can make it through school without him being there to have my back.

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