Save Me Harry

Brooke and Harry have been best friends for a long time. Harry gets the opportunity to leave for the X factor but he doesnt want to leave Brooke because of the boys at school who emotionally and phiscally hurt her. Stay tuned to see how Brooke does while Harryis gone and what happens when he comes back!


3. Kidnapped

Harry POV

I am so happy that  made it! I miss Brooke so much though. I wonder what she is doing right now. Everytme I talk to Brooke she sounds sad but denies it. She told me that Jake hasnt been too hard on her but I have a feeling shes lying. I hope she is okay and he isnt hurting her. If he is Ill hurt him so bad. He doesnt need to mess with someone who is half his size, let alone a girl. Well I have had a great time here on the X ade new friends. Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn. We were put in a group called One Direction. They are all awesome. I just really miss Brooke.

Brooke POV

Jake dragged me before I could say anything to a forest. I was in shock and couldnt scream. He was goingso fast and we were in the middle of no where so no one saw us. "I you say anything to yor precious Harry you'll get it worse next time" he said and shoved me to the ground. I let out a cry and he kicked me in the side. That was the last thing I remembered before blacking out because of the pain. (One hour later) I started to open my eyes and I felt a huge pain in my side. "Look whose awake." Jake said taunting me. "And your little boyfriend isnt here to save you." and he laughed. I cried when he said that. "Now you better not have him after me" he aid slowly pulling down my pants. This was what Ive aways been afriad of. Rape. This has always been the most thing Im scared of. "Please stop" I sobbed. "Now baby dont cry."he said taking off my top and bra. It was happening. M breathing was heavy and I swear I saw someone going passed us but it was probably one of his friends helping him. I felt Jake jump on me and I couldnt breath because he was so heavy. I was gasping for air when h jumped off me and said "Im letting you go but if you tell Harry I will hurt you so much worse." he said throwing my torn clothes at me. He ran away and I laid there naked and hopeless for hours.

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