Save Me Harry

Brooke and Harry have been best friends for a long time. Harry gets the opportunity to leave for the X factor but he doesnt want to leave Brooke because of the boys at school who emotionally and phiscally hurt her. Stay tuned to see how Brooke does while Harryis gone and what happens when he comes back!


2. Gone

Harry POV:

(two days later)

"Brooke? Can you come over and help me pack?" I asked through the phone. "Sure!" she said. I could tell that she didnt want me to leave but she insisted that I follow my dreams. I was just so worried about Jake and them hurting her and me not be there to save here. She livs right next door so it didnt take her long to get here. I heard my mom greet her at the door and tell her she could come up here. She came up and gave me a hug. It hurt me to know thatI won be able to hug her for a while if things go right at the X factor. "Brooke? Are you sure youre alright with me going?" I looked at her. "Of course Harry. I dont want you to put your career on hold because Im a baby. I need to learn to protect myself." "Oky but if you need anything, Ill be right here." I said giving her a hug. She helped me pack and we laughed lie crazy at thethings we do together. It was about time to go and I could see that Brooke was upset but she wouldnt admit it. "I love you Brooke." I said as I gave her a friendly hug and we were out the door. "Love you to Haz!" she yelled to the car. I could see a tear roll down her cheek through the window as we drove away.

Brooke POV:

Two weeks passed. I cant do this anymore. Jake and his friends wont leave me alone. I miss Harry being there to protect me. We talked whenever he could but that wast alot. He made it to te next round and he was so happy so I couldnt get in te way. I decided to go for a walk to get my mind off of this emptiness in my heart. It was vry cold ouside so I put on a big coat.I thought about Harry and how i couldnt get in his way when he came back. My fingers were numb so I turned around and headed back home. All the suden I felt two hands wrap round my mouth. "Dont speak" the voice i knew too well said. Jake.

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