me to you

me to you their diarys (not reccommended)


1. going to bearville school


oh no todays my first day at school im bearoffied what are the other me to you animals going to think of me my patches,my fur , my personalitie oh whats to be for me at school i can guess im going to hate it at least i have one friend who already goes there beary and her cousin bearenny what if nobody likes me what if nobody wants to be my friend im so scared past the moon and stars  my names bearral i have scruffy fur, grey patches and a blue nose what a combination what if im bullied by older bears

"sweetheart you worry to much" said mama but... thats what she always says well i have to go anyway so wish me luck.

during school i made friends with teachers they seem to like me but guess what i got bullied by the schools bully bearbanare  by time i got home mama made my favourite bearsweetsoup made for special bears like me well so mum says anyway ill feed back tomorow for next day at bearville school.

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