Emma's life

Hello my name is Emma this will tell you about my life. I've just moved to jersey so Im trying to adjust my life


3. Its Halloween!!!!!

Wednesday 31st October 2012

Its Halloween yay!

Today I woke up at about 7 40,and lay in bed till 8. I went downstairs and watched TV.Then I had Breakfast at 10 and got dressed  at 11.After I had got dressed my sister Megan painted my nails pink with blue dots.In a minute I'm going to town to get my sister some trainers and me a coat.I'm back from the shops and I got a really nice blue coat,and a poster of Louis and next to Louis's name he did a smiley face!In a hour I'm going to Chloe's and Megan's friends house for dinner, and trickle treating.I'm going as a vampire for halloween Chloe's going as a dead school girl and Megans going as a purple witch. 

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