Emma's life

Hello my name is Emma this will tell you about my life. I've just moved to jersey so Im trying to adjust my life


2. It's a damp day in Jersey!!!

Tuesday 30th October 2012 


This morning I didn't wake up to the sun shining through my window but I did wake up to my Dad leaving for work.For a few minutes I lay in my soft comfy bed  then my sister Megan who's 10 went down stairs so I did. Straight away I sat down and logged onto the laptop. Then me and Megan started fighting who was going to go on the laptop first................I won!!!!!! I cant believe it my mums awake but my older sister Chloe and my cousin Connie aren't, teenagers!!!!!! Then we had breakfast their was only 3 breakfasts so I didn't get one!After breakfast we watched a movie it was really good.Then my sister went to her tuter, once she had came back we went to the zoo.In a minute we are going to have dinner after dinner we are taking Connie to the air port, boo whooo!




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