Emma's life

Hello my name is Emma this will tell you about my life. I've just moved to jersey so Im trying to adjust my life


1. Connie's here molly goes

Monday 28th October 2012    

Today I woke up to the sun shining in through my window because my friend Molly has came to visit me and she woke up and opened my blind.Then we went downstairs and watched TV.After that we went on the computer my favorite game was a football game.After that we went on my skate board only for about 2 minutes because we wanted to go to Aqa Splash.At aqa splash me and my friend tricked one of the workers that we were twins and he actually belied us.When we got home we watched the One Directions Diary's.Then Molly had to go,me and my mum took her to the air port.On the way back my mum stopped at a shop and she was their for ages.When I got back Connie helped me get Movellas. Then we watched Monte Carlo.

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