Switching Body's With Harry Styles

When Megan Parker goes to sleep as herself and wakes up in One Directions, Harry Styles body she has a couple questions that she wants answered. Like how did this happen? How was she going to change back? And where was she?
Will world famous Harry Styles be able to change back or will he have to give up his career?
And in the end will love prevale?


9. The Talk

Harry's POV:

"Hey guys! Good news Megan can stay!! Also your parents are leaving to go to Paris for a couple weeks so you can stay here during that time." I said trying to sound excited. "Ok! That will help move thngs along quite quickly I would love to be back to peeing normaly, just saying!" replied Megan, all the guys laughed at this. The thought of herhaving seen my well downstairs area kinda freaked me out, but I suppose that's how she feels about me. "That's awesome news!" Liam gushed. "Um can I talk to you in the kitchen for a minute guys? Excuse us Megan." I said trying to sound.... Well not pissed off. We all walked into the kitchen. I suddenly became serious and I think they noticed because they stopped talking and joking around. "Guys Megan is off limits. Understood? She's going through enough stress as it is and she doesn't need guy trouble on top of it Can you guys do that for her I'm not asking you to do it for me cause I don't care." What a huge lie. The guys all slowly nodded they all looked ok with it except for Liam who looked devistated. Never mind he had to face the fact that at the moment Megan belonged to nobody and he couldn't have her. It's only fair to her. I mean adding boy trouble in addition to all the other problems she's having at the moment would be just cruel. "Come on boys we should get back to Megan she's probably getting worried." One by one they all exited the kitchen until there was only me and Liam left. " Listen Liam I know you have feelings for Megan but at the moment she really doesn't need that kind of drama. If you really care about her then do her this one favore." I really meant I it wasn't doing this to get her all to myself. When I said she was off limits to everyone that included me. It kills me inside to know that she won't be mine until this whole thing is sorted out but to see her unhappy because of all the stress she would be going through with the death threats and the hate mail would be like getting stabbed over and over again in the heart. "You're only doing this so you can have her all to yourself! You always do this, son enough there won't be a woman you haven't slept with and then tossed to the curb once you were done with her! I guys that's why you're called the manwhore! Seriously just go fuck yourself, just one that's all I was asking for but of course you got use this one up too!" Liam screamed and then he stalked out of the kitchen. At that moment my heart broke. Liam is one of my best friends and we never fight about anything let alone a girl. I don't know why but tears started welling up in my eyes. I tried to blink them back but they started streaming down my face. My head was throabing and the world was blurry. I felt like the walls were slowly sufficating me. I had to get out of here, I had to fix this. And I knew just the way......

Megan's POV:

The boys have been gone for awhile now and I was starting to get worried. I have to know what they're saying. Even when I was younger when there was something I wasn't suppost to know I would try and find out and I would almost always succeed. I grabbed my quarter full glass off the table and quickly swallowed it's contents. Then I tip toed over to the kitchen wall and slowly pressed the glass on it. Then I leaned my ear against it and silently listened trying to slow my breathing and my heartbeat so I could hear.The first voice that spoke I could tell it was Harry's"Guys Megan is off limits. Understood? She's going through stress as it is and she doesn't need guy trouble two. Can you guys do that for her I'm not asking you to do it for me cause I don't care." Hearing those words was like being punched in the gut. I admit it I think I have feelings for Harry, heck I know I have feelings for him. Hearing him say he doesn't care about me made me want throw up. Yet another person who was disgusted by me, and who would just treat me like dirt. You'd think I would b used to it by now, but you never get over the feeling of being all alone in the world with no one to give a crap if you lived or died. I guess that's why I've never been able to take rejection without finding deeper meaning and fault behind it. I quickly ran to the hall bathroom and threw up the little food I had left in my stomach. When I was done I just sat there on the floor my mind was blank and my body felt numb. I tried to get up just to fall back down. My legs felt weak and my head hurt. I shouldn't be feeling this about a boy I just met. But I couldn't help it if I was falling for Harry Styles international superstar. I stayed there for what felt like a lifetime but was probably a few minutes. I slowly got up , supporting myself on the sink. Then stumbled to Harry's. Flopping down on the bed I let it all come out I cried and I cried until my eyes hurt and I was gasping for breath even then I cried harder. I wanted all the pain to go away. Why did I feel like this? Oh wait I know why because I just had my heart broken by a guy I thought I had some connection to and who seemed kind and seemed to genuinely care even the slightest bit about me.

Louis's POV:

We all walked into the living room laughing and having fun. I mean I was sure that neither Niall, Zayn nor me wanted to date Megan. I'm not sure about Harry and Liam they had stayed behind to talk. I wasn't going to worry about it they rarely ever fight and if they do it's over who gets the last taco and which disney movie to watch. I looked around looking for Megan but she wasn't there. She probably had gone to bed already. It been an emotional day for her. I have to admit  I feel protective over Megan  for some reason I suppose she just seems lost and deeply scarred and I feel like I could help her, shelter her.  I care for her in a brotherly way and i'm glad that she's off limits cause I want to be like an older brother I feel like I have to protect her. She's really cute and super funny, and I can tell we're gonna get along well. I'm really happy she's staying with us for the next few days. It's kinda weird but even though she's in Harry's body I still feel like she's an attractive girl when I'm talking to her and not Harry. I wonder if she's hungry. I should probably start telling one of the boys to make dinner. I don't know if she's allergic to anything and what she likes. I think I should go wake her up and ask her.

Niall's POV:

Well that was intense the whole time I felt like burping or farting to clear the air. Ironic right. Seriously though when Harry looked at me it felt like he was drilling a hole through my head with his eyes. That guy needs to chill I mean we only just met Megan and I have to say I really like her. Plus she loves food!!!!!!!! I know we're gonna be really good friends. Speaking of food shouldn't someone be making food? Oh here comes Liam he'll make me food. Wait whats up with Liam?

Zayn's POV:

Ah I can't wait to chill with Meg. Wait where is she! " Louis! Where's Mimi?" I screamed and started to fake pout.Lou came over and gave me a big hug. " I think she's resting Zaynie. I 'm going to wake her up though so that I can make her favorite for dinner."Louis said reasuringly " You make dinner Ha!"I pretended to fall on the ground laughing cause I knew it annoyed Louis when we mentioned the fact that he was to put it lightly a terrible cook. Louis stalked pretending to be affended but he couldn't hide the smile that was starting to form on his lips. I really did miss Megan though she was a lot of fun and a real laugh with her cute little nose that wrinkles up when she laughs. It probably sounds like I fancy her but I just think of her as  a little kid or even as a little sister. I was fantisising about my afternoon with Megan when I heard a door slam. I turned around to see a very angry looking Liam.

Liam's POV:

How dare he! He was only doing this to get her all to himself! I won't let it happen I had to do something about this but what? I hate him so much! i will never forgive him! I had finally found somoene that I could see myself with besides Danielle and he had to go and ruin it! He always gets the girls, there's never any left for the rest of us. I'm sick and tired of it. In fact i'm sick and tired of him. He makes me sick, he treats girls like a game. He thinks they're like the metro if you wait long enough a new one will come along. Not this time! This time I will get the girl and he will be the brokenhearted third wheel! See how he likes it! Hey I wonder where Megan is. No need to worry she's probably resting it's been a long day.




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