Switching Body's With Harry Styles

When Megan Parker goes to sleep as herself and wakes up in One Directions, Harry Styles body she has a couple questions that she wants answered. Like how did this happen? How was she going to change back? And where was she?
Will world famous Harry Styles be able to change back or will he have to give up his career?
And in the end will love prevale?


3. The Meet and Greet!

Harry's POV:

I put on what I thought would look stylish for girls. I found something that looked comfortable, but still presentable, and then went down stairs praying that I wouldn't run into her parents, but with my luck of course I literally ran into her dad.

We both fell onto the ground. I thought he was gonna get mad but he just started laughing and helped me up. Wow she must have a good relatioship with her parents which means I have to be extra careful. " Hey darling! How was Kate's party?" her mom asked. I had no idea who that was. " It was great! Anyway I can't chat right I promised.....Kate? That I would help her clean up!" Few nice save Styles I almost forgot what I'm assuming is this girls friends name! Right after her mom said it! What is my problem? Oh yeah I'm stuck in some strange girls body! " Ok honey but don't be too late and call if you're staying the night!" "Will do mom!" and with that I was out the door. I saw a car parked outside the house that had to be her car! For a start it was covered in school books,food,makeup..... and also hte license plate said "partygirl". I had a feeling I was going to like this girl!~~Oh and I almost forgot the entire gar was pink!

Anyway I hopped in and put the keys, which I had found earlier in her underwear drawer, in the ignition. And I was off. I had google searched it and it was only ten minutes away from my house, let's just hope she can hold her act for that long without making them suspicious, or even worse blow the whole thing!

Megan's POV:

When I reached the bottom of the stairs I was pulled into a giant group hug. I didn't know guys hugged? Or at least the guys at my school don't. But then again I had heard that these guys had a bromance going on. Especially I think it was Harry and Louis. Crap that meant that they were closer to each other then the rest! I was really gonna have to step up my game! I mean I lie all the time and I'm good at it, but thats to people I already know! Not to four strangers I met in a bathroom this morning after finding out i've turned into a guy! See I used to be good girl, I used to get bullied and I used to have no friends. But notice how I said I used to. Well I made sure I wasn't a good girl anymore three years ago. I wore tighter clothes, high heels, makeup and I became a tease. I became the party queen and would lie without reason to my teachers, my parents and even sometimes my friends. I became the opposite of me and sometimes I just wanted to be the old me again but I was afraid if I changed anything about myself then they would bully me again and ignore me. No never again was I going to suffer! Anyway I got kinda off track there so yeah.......... I was still stuck in a bear hug when the doorbell rang. I ran out from their arms and opened the door. And there I was well not me but my body! " Hi, I came as fast as I could, but the traffic sucked!" Then he or she or me leaned in " Nice car by the way, I love the license plate!" Then he turned to look at the boys who were just standing there opened mouthed. I had that affect on guys plus the outfit that Harry picked out was totally me and I loved it! " Hi my name is........" Harry started but then realized I had never told him my name. He/me leaned closer to me and whispered quickly "What's your name love?" " I told you not to call me that! and my names Megan. "He nodded and started again " Hi my name is Megan" he said addressing the guys. they didn't say anything, of course, so I had to introduce them. " Megan, this is Niall, Zayn, Liam and Louis from the band one direction. Harry decided to play along. " Oh yeah I've heard of you guys! Anyway I can't really talk right now. I need to have a word with Harry." But of course as soon as we were almost home free up the stairs Louis sais" Where did you two meet?" I didn't know how to answer that luckily Harry did. " We met at that bar last night" " Oh ok" And with that we were gone. We walked into Harry's room and shut the door I sat on the bed and he/I (for the purpose of not sounding like a moron i'm just going to say he is a he even though he technically looks like a she) sat on the floor. We had to come up with some answer to why this happened and how we can change back. Because honestly I hate being a guy. Did you know that when guys pee it like goes everywhere it's soooooo gross!!!!!! We started to discuss our options, when there was a knock at the door.

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