Switching Body's With Harry Styles

When Megan Parker goes to sleep as herself and wakes up in One Directions, Harry Styles body she has a couple questions that she wants answered. Like how did this happen? How was she going to change back? And where was she?
Will world famous Harry Styles be able to change back or will he have to give up his career?
And in the end will love prevale?


13. The Hospital

Harry's POV:

I tried to pick her up bridal style but I have to say i'm really heavy and it doesn't help that her body is so slim and delocate. I couldn't just leave her here. I started to yell for help but no one came. I have to call somoene. I pulled out my phone and dialled Niall's number. " Sorry I can't come to the phone right now I'm probably at Nando's or sleeping please leave a message at the beep." BEEP " Hey Niall call me as soon as you get this see Megan's been stabbed please come to the alli way behind Deni's." I hung up. Then I decided to call Zayn. "Waz Happenin sorry you just missed me but call again later or leave a message at the beep." BEEP " Hey Zayn I really need your help Megan's been stabbed please come to the back alli way of Deni's bar and call me as soon as you get this! Thanks mate!" I guess I have to call Louis I love him and everything but he isn't always the best person to call in case of emergency. He tends to blow things out of proporsion. " Hey there it's Boobear here, too bad you missed me but call again if you like carrots, or leave a message at the beep." BEEP "Hey Lou we have a crisis Megan has been stabbed I need help getting her to the hospital come to the back of Deni's ok? Also call me as soon a you can. Love you bud!" He gets mad when I don't tell him I love him at the end of a message or phone call. I guess even though it pains me I have to call Liam I just hope he doesn't hang up on me. It rang three times before he finally answered. "Hello?" I couldn't speak it was like my tongue had been cut out. " Hello who is this?" "H... Hi L.. Liam it's me Harry." " Harry go away don't call me ever again!" " Wait Liam it's about Megan she's in danger." "We know she's missing." " No I found her she's been stabbed in the back of Deni's bar I need your help to get her to the hospital." There was silence " Liam please...." " I'm coming i'll get the others they went out to look for her." Then he hung up. I had to check how bad the wound was. I gently rolled her onto her stomach. She must have fell on the blade when I tackled that dude. It was bad really bad. The knife had gone through the tissue. I had to find something to stop the flow of blood. By the time Liam gets here she'll have bled out if I don't. I looked through my backpack nothing. I had an idea that wasn't great for my safety but anything for Megan. I took off my shirt, hopefully she won't get mad it's her favorite, and tore it to make it long enough to wrap around her back. I took the knife out and quickly covered the wound. It still wouldn't stop bleeding and it was coming fast. What was I going to do! I pulled off my jeans and proceeded to do the same thing. Still the blood kept coming I felt her pulse it was dangerously slow. I was running out of ideas when I felt a hand on my back I did what I was suppost to I swung and hit whoever it was. I turn around and I see Zayn clutching his cheek. "Oh my god Zayn sorry I thought you were like some rapist or something. "Its ok you've got some arm on you for a girl." He said laughing. " Haha very funny." I said I was getting kinda pissed. " Mate why you got nothing but your knickers and your over the shoulder boulder holder (bra) on?" Asked Louis who seemed to be enjoying the view. " Shut up Lou I was trying to stop the blood flow we need to get her to the hospital in the next 5 minutes or she'll die." At this we all went into action Zayn and Niall picked her up whilst Liam called a cab for him, Zayn and Niall. Louis and I will be going to the hospital with Megan and they'll follow close behind. We finally arrive at the hospital right on time as soon  as we got inside they loaded her onto a hospital bed and rolled her into the emergency room. I hope my Baby's going to be ok....

Megan's POV:

I woke up gasping for air and drenched in sweat. Where was I? The whole room seemed like it had no start and no finish the walls were blank. I could hear a faint cry somewhere in the distance. Suddenly the room changed I was in the guys living room. Only Harry was there. "Hey there princess did you have a nice sleep?" He said with a sneer. What was going on did Harry hate me or something? What had I done? "Harry what's wrong?" "You. you cow did you really think you could get away with breaking my heart!!!??" He drew a knife from his back pocket. "Harry what do you mean?" " Don't play innocent with me have fun with Liam did you? The guys told me the whole story. You're a whore who doesn't deserve to live!" Then all I could see was my own blood dripping into my eyes and down my face and then everything went blank....

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