Switching Body's With Harry Styles

When Megan Parker goes to sleep as herself and wakes up in One Directions, Harry Styles body she has a couple questions that she wants answered. Like how did this happen? How was she going to change back? And where was she?
Will world famous Harry Styles be able to change back or will he have to give up his career?
And in the end will love prevale?


11. Reunion

Harry's POV:

"You, who are you? I'm not buying anything." She said. Her eyes narrowed and she started to close the door in my face, but I stuck my foot in the it. "Please.... It's pouring out here and I need to take shelter for a little while. Just until it slows down." I said pleadingly. "Fine, but as soon as it slows down even a little you leave." She said reluctantly " Thank you!" " Whatever just get inside." She said as she turned around sharply on her heels and started to walk away. I stepped into the massive house and closed the door behind me. I was about to follow her when her head popped up from behind a door. "Take all your close off and go into the bathroom down the hall to clean up." Then she disappeared again. I stripped down and started towards the bathroom. Once inside I locked the door and turned the shower on to high. Once it was hot enough I stepped inside and instantly my freezing body started to warm up. I washed my face and my hair trying to clear all evendence that I had been crying only moments before. I got out of the shower and wrapped myself up in a towel. I looked outside there was no sign of her which was good. I started to step out of the bathroom when I felt something under my feet. She had laid out some clothes, his clothes.... I guess she had kept some I couldn't blame her though. I picked them up and once again locked the bathroom door. When I felt like I could face her I unlocked the door and almost had a heart attack. There she was looking at me expectently. Since when had she been standing there? Never mind. I decided this was the right time to put my plan into action. "Hey can I talk to you about something?" I asked uncertainly since she wasnt always in as a cheery mood as everyone thinks she is. "I guess" " Ok but promise you'll let me finish before you interrupt or answer or anything like that." "Dependes on what this is about." I walked over to the living room taking a seat on the couch she sat opposite me on an armchair. " Ok so  you're not going to believe me but i'm Harry as in Harry Styles." There was a pause " You're right I don't believe you. First of all i'm pretty sure Harry's a guy and also you have given me no reason the believe you." " Fine let me prove it to you remember that day when you came to my house and you were drunk and then you started to dance and tell me about all the times you cheated on Liam and I caught it all on tape and I threatened to show it to everyone if you didn't break up with Liam because I thought you were bad for him." I said without stopping to breath. I hadn't spoken about that day since it happened and I had always hoped that I wouldn't have to mention it again. She looked at me distraught and confused, but mostly afraid I knew she never wanted Liam to find out and I knew that this has haunted her since the day it happened you could tell by the way she seemed eager to go along with whatever I said." I believe you but how did this happen?' I explained the whole thing and awaited her answer eagerly.

Megan's POV:

I got off the bed and reached out for Louis hand, he took it without hesitating. We walked hand in hand out of the room and down the hall. When we reached the living room I still didn't let go of his hand and neither did he. I was glad he didn't I needed his support and the warmth of his hand to keep my mind from sidetracking and possibly breakingdown again. What was going to happen when I saw Harry again? Was what Louis said true, did Harry really like me? Anyway i'm so glad the guys treat me like i'm still a girl it's really hard not being me and it would be worse if they treated me strangely because of it.  Anyway i'm getting sidetracked, see what I mean! So when we were finally in the living room I scanned the room looking for Harry but he wasnt there. Where was he? I started to worry. " Louis, where's Harry?" I whispered in his ear. He leaned down, his lips brushing lightly against my ear making me shiver. " Him and Liam got into a big fight and I guess he just went to go get a breath of fresh air." " Oh ok" Trying not to sound too disappionted. He obviously saw that I was upset cause he pulled me into a big hug. Then we continued into the living room. I sat on a chair on the farside of the room all alone. I just needed some space to think, but unfortunatly Liam came to sit next to me. " Move over love." I scooched over a little, but didn't look at him hoping he'd get the hint, and again he didn't. What is it with guys and signals they just never get them! " Liam, I just want to be alone right now, ok?" His face instantly dropped. "Ok" he said and then walked over to couch and sat down trying to pretend he didn't care and that he was focused intensly on the tv. I felt bad but I just couldn't deal with him right now he's too complicated.

*a couple hours later*

I was starting to get worried Harry isn't back yet and it's starting to get dark. Maybe I should go look for him, but the guys would never let me go out in the dark alone especially in the rain. They'll all want to come and this is something I want to do alone. I was going to have to sneak out. They all seemed to be focused on the tennis match on the telly I took this opportunity to slip out the living room, grab Harry's coat and wellies and run out the door. Now to find Harry.....

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