Switching Body's With Harry Styles

When Megan Parker goes to sleep as herself and wakes up in One Directions, Harry Styles body she has a couple questions that she wants answered. Like how did this happen? How was she going to change back? And where was she?
Will world famous Harry Styles be able to change back or will he have to give up his career?
And in the end will love prevale?


8. Jealousy

Megan's POV:

"Harry! I've got it! I don't love any of you yet so we have to spend more time together so i can fall in love with one of you!" "Yeah thats a good idea Meg" "Meg?" "Yeah thats my new pet name for you." Harry said. I got up and gave them all a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. When I got to Liam he asked me if I wanted something to eat "Sure LiLi!" "LiLi?" he said chuckling. "Well if i'm gonna have a pet name why can't i have one for all of you." I said a smirk on my face. I turned to Louis "Your nickname is boobear and Lou, your nickname Zayn is Zaynie, your nickname Niall in Nialler and Harry your nickname is Hazza." "I like that, me two, me three, me four, me five!" They all said one after the other. I couldn't help but laugh. I had a feeling getting to know them was going to be fun!

-a few hours later-

"Ok guys it's getting late I should probably go...." "You don't have to your mom said you could stay at some friends house after you helped her clean up after that wicked party." I blushed just remembering that party.... I think they all noticed Louis wiggled his eyebrows and the others laughed. I'm sure I looked like a tomato by now. "Oh.........ok then I guess i'm staying here, but Harry could you call my mom and tell her i'm staying at Kate's house." " Sure thing babe!" He walked off to go make the phone call. I blushed at his comment I don't know why I mean people call me that all the time. Whats wrong with me?.........

Liam's POV:

Why did she keep blushing everytime Harry said something? Did she have feelings for him already!? I can't let this happen, she can't fall for him. I won't let him take her from me!

Harry's POV:

I quickly dialed her mom's number and held it up to my ear. It rang three times before she picked it up. "Hi mom I was just calling to say i'm staying at Kate's tonight." "Ok honey come back when you like, oh and I wanted to tell you me and your father are going to Paris tomorrow for three weeks so you can stay at Kates the whole time if it's ok with her." "OK mom! Bye love ya!" "Bye sweetheart!" Ok now that that's done I should probably get back to the guys.

When I get back I see Megan and the guys sitting on the couch but she had devoted all her attention to Liam and was laughing hysterically. Not a big deal. It's a huge deal! She's mine, well not mine mine but still! It's time for the talk.........

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