Left And Gone

.Brenda and Zayn were in love until Brenda found that she was pregnant.When she found that out she left.Brenda still talk's to harry can she trust harry to keep her secret?


1. baby kaylie

Brenda's POV: Kaylie is turning 2 in three days i should call harry and tell him,Hello said harry,hi are you coming to kaylie 2nd birthday birthday party?yes in deed.all the boys can come.....even zayn.Brenda you are going to have to tell Zayn soon,well not right now can i trust you not to tell him.okay okay harry said screaming into the phone okay bye i said by Brendie i thought that was the dumbest nickname ever bye and i ended the call 

Harry's POV: Brenda Called And invited me and the boys to kaylie's party Brenda can't  keep hiding the fact that kaylie is zayn's baby.When Kaylie gets older i know she is going to ask whos her dad she says daddy now i dont know but Brenda's gotta tell him soon or i will.

Brenda's POV: Right now i am at party city shopping for kaylie while she is with the boys i can't image how zayn would react if he knew kaylie was actully his.

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