Fix Me

Brittany is a girl who have experienced something terrible in her childhood and that's why she's still having troubles with it. She's having hallucinations and that's why she always sees the same woman, who no one else can see. Is there anyone who can save her, after her therapist have done her best to help her? Find it out by reading! Hopefully you will enjoy this one :) x


2. Thank you for saving me.


As soon as I got back home I realised something. Now I remembered the dream I had had after the nightmare. It was about Louis and how he had come in to my life and made it better. It was weird; because I think I have never seen or heard anything about him. Maybe the dream was a dream that was meant to come true, at least I hoped so and well I had met Louis and it had cheered me up. Still I wasn’t rejoicing over this too much, I didn’t want to get disappointed.  But in the dream was someone else too, but I have no idea who it was, nor I cared.

I collapsed on to my bed looking up to my ceiling where I had placed these glowing stars what I got from mom when I was smaller. I was just about to fall asleep when Alyssa ran in to my room yelling my name. The noise she made felt like she had yelled right in to my ear through megaphone.

“WHAT?!” I asked angrily. Alyssa took few deep breaths, like she had run for miles. After that she got the words out of her mouth:

“Can you please come to the kitchen and watch for the meatballs in the oven? I really need to go to the bathroom and I need someone to look after them!”

I rolled my eyes, I thought she needed to tell me something serious, like about grandma or something. I was too tired to complain so I got up from the bed and walked lazily to the kitchen and sat in front of the oven, watching dozens of meatballs turning browner and browner. Not long when my sister came back to the kitchen. I understood from her look that I was free to go. I got up from the floor and walked back to my room and this time I fell asleep.

When I woke up after an hour and a half I noticed a small green card on my floor; it was pushed in under the door. I curiously walked to it and picked it up. I sat back to my bed, opened it and started reading it:

“Dear Louis Tomlinson,

You have been invited to event against of bullying. The event takes place in the Roundhouse in London on October 27th starting at 7pm. In the event you will hear about the charity work against bullying and will hear small presentations. You have a chance to order snacks during the presentations. The event is only for ones who have gotten the invitation but you can bring a plus one with you. Let us know as soon as possible if you and your plus one are coming.

Welcoming you,

The charity company against bullying of the UK”

To be honest I was really confused why I had received a card which belonged to Louis. I turned the card somehow that a small piece of paper fell to the ground. I picked it up and read:

“Dear Brittany Ross,

Would you like to be my plus one in this event? I couldn’t be happier to take you there, so let me know as soon as possible. Love, Louis”

Now my jaw literally dropped down. I just stared the paper and the text on it. How in the world had Louis asked me to be his plus one, yet there’s so much other girls who are million times more beautiful and representable than I am. Not that I wasn’t happy about the invitation. As soon as I got my head cleared about the stupid doubts I took my phone and typed a message to Louis:

“I’d love to be your plus one at the event, thank you so much for the invitation! See you soon, Brittany x”

“And send”, I said quietly to myself while pressing send. I sighted and walked out of my room.

“Did you already read the card?” Alyssa asked when I walked to the living room where she was sitting and reading a book.

“Yea, how did you know about it anyways?” I asked curious.

“One really handsome boy knocked to our door and asked if he could give it to you, but I told him that you were sleeping, so he just slipped the card to your room under the door”, she explained.

After what she said I realised that Louis had been in our home, he now knows where I live. If it was so simple to him to find my place, how easy would it be to the bad people I used to hang out with? It made me think all the bad stuff I had been through.

“I’ll go out for a walk”, I said to Alyssa as I walked out of the door. I had no destination, like usually I just walked around, thinking. Now that it was October it started to get darker in the evenings. I decided to walk another mile before going back home. This time I wanted to try another way, which I haven’t tried before. After walking for five minutes I got paranoid. The area reminded me of the area I used to live, and where dad had killed mom. I looked around and saw no one, but when I looked back to the way I was going I saw the woman. The same woman I always saw, this time she was walking towards me. I got so scared that I just started running. I didn’t watch where I was going; I just wanted to get away. I looked behind me while I was running to make sure the woman wasn’t behind me anymore. Soon I bumped into someone. I got so scared that I just fell to the ground crying. I was tired of all the running and crying. I was too scared to look who I had bumped to, I just saw two foots in front of me. The person squatted and put a hand on my shoulder asking if I was ok. I lifted my head carefully to face the stranger. It was a boy who was around my age, a little older perhaps. I looked him in to his eyes, they were green. I still had tears coming down my cheeks when I was studying him. He looked deep into my eyes as well, wiping a tear away from my cheek.

“I’m really sorry, are you okay?” he then asked softly. I swallowed hardly and then nodded. I just wanted to jump to his arms and cry. I didn’t know him, but I was happy that it was him, a real person. I looked behind me and for my luck the woman was gone. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, trying to calm myself down. The lad was on his way home by his car, but had stopped at the edge of the road to take few pictures of the sunset.

“Umm can I offer you a ride home? You look like you are lost or something”, he asked me. I nodded trying to say thank you to him. We sat in to his car and he asked where I lived. I was still a bit paranoid so I didn’t want to tell the correct address, so I asked him to leave me to the end of the street I lived in.

“So what’s your name?” he asked while driving looking to the road.

“I’m Brittany”, I said looking at him.

“Lovely, I’m Harry”, he said making a quick look to me with a smile. I smiled back awkwardly. For the rest of the way home we both sat quietly on our seats. He didn’t ask me any pointless questions or how I have gotten there. I knew he wanted to, but I’m glad he didn’t. I wasn’t in the mood of talking about what happened to me there.

After some minutes we arrived to the end of my home street. I opened my seatbelt and looked at him.

“Thank you, for the ride and for saving me”, I said smiling. He smiled back with a confused look on his face.

“Wait, saving you?” he asked while I closed the door. I heard it, but I ignored it and started walking home. I still heard the car engine staying still at the end of the road. I turned around and I saw Harry standing next to his car looking at me. I stopped and looked at him over my shoulder. He started walking towards me. I didn’t want to tell him the truth, but I couldn’t just walk away, so I turned to his way. Soon Harry was standing in front of me looking at me worried.

“How so I saved you? And are you sure everything is alright?” he asked worried, looking deep in to my eyes. He didn’t know me just that my name was Brittany and still he seemed to care about me.

“It’s a long story that I have told only to one person, so I’m sorry that I can’t tell it to you now Harry”, I said now looking to the ground. Harry gently lifted my look from the ground to face him again. He took a piece of paper from his pocket, wrote something on it and put it in to my pocket.

“There’s my number. I want you to know that I’m here if you need someone. I promise, even if I only know your name”, he whispered. I looked at him and nodded.

“Thank you again”, I said turning around. I walked home and this time I heard him leaving the street. What was happening? Just in one day I had met two different persons, and yet both seemed to care about me more than any one had done for a while.

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