Fix Me

Brittany is a girl who have experienced something terrible in her childhood and that's why she's still having troubles with it. She's having hallucinations and that's why she always sees the same woman, who no one else can see. Is there anyone who can save her, after her therapist have done her best to help her? Find it out by reading! Hopefully you will enjoy this one :) x


5. Morning.


I woke up in the morning from Louis’ arms. Louis was still asleep so I slowly sneaked out of his arms and left my and Louis’ room. I saw Zayn making tea in the small kitchen we had there. I walked there and took a seat from the high table in front of the sink.

“Good morning beautiful”, Zayn greeted smiling.

“Morning”, I said back smiling. I noticed that Perrie was still sleeping; only Zayn and I were up.

“Want some tea?” Zayn asked me while he was pouring tea for himself.

“Sure, thank you”, I answered still feeling a bit tired, even though I slept really well and felt safe while sleeping. Zayn poured me some tea and then sat next to me. I was staring in front of me, to nowhere; that happened often when I was tired. Zayn was looking at me with a small grin on his face.

“Slept well? You look a bit tired?” Zayn asked chuckling. I now turned to face him and smiled stupidly.

“Yea, couldn’t slept any better”, I said smiling. Zayn just nodded still smiling.

I heard my phone buzzing on the living room table. I had left it there last night. I walked up to it and saw Harry calling me.

“I need to take this, it’s mom”, I lied to Zayn. He nodded smiling and I went to the corridor to talk with Harry. I was surprised he called me in the morning.

“Hey, what’s up?” I answered.

“Hey love! Do you have any bigger plans for today? I was thinking if we could hang out?” Harry asked excited. I looked to the ground, could I tell him I was in London with Louis?

“Sorry I can’t today, maybe later tonight… I’m seeing my grandma in London today”, I lied and I thought it was a good idea. I hung up after telling him I would call him later when I would be back at home.

I went back to the apartment and saw now Louis and Perrie having breakfast with Zayn.

“Good morning”, Louis said as soon as I stepped in. He smiled so happily it made me smile too.

“Good day to you too”, I chuckled a bit. I walked and took a seat next to Louis and started making a sandwich for myself. I noticed from the corner of my eyes that Louis kept looking at me. I turned to face him and grinned. He started laughing and grinned back. Zayn was looking Perrie with confusing look.

“They seriously are weird”, Zayn said, Perrie nodding for agreement. Louis and I turned to see Zayn and Perrie, and we couldn’t help but keep laughing. I stood up from the table and walked to mine and Louis’ bedroom. I fell down to my back on the bed and sighted. I heard Louis opening the door and walking towards me. He fell down next to me and we just stared the roof. I turned to my side and looked at Louis when he was still looking the roof.

“What are the plans for today?” I asked smiling. Louis now turned to his side too and shrugged his shoulders.

“I don’t know, what would you like to do?” he asked.

“Let’s go to the London eye and then somewhere to eat?” I suggested. Louis smiled.

“Sounds good, shall we go just too of us?” Louis suggested and kind of winked. I just smiled and nodded a little to agreement. Louis then quickly kissed my forehead and left the room to tell Zayn and Perrie about our plans. 



Just a short chapter I wrote for this movella few weeks ago, maybe I'll continue writing this later if people like it:) xx

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