Fix Me

Brittany is a girl who have experienced something terrible in her childhood and that's why she's still having troubles with it. She's having hallucinations and that's why she always sees the same woman, who no one else can see. Is there anyone who can save her, after her therapist have done her best to help her? Find it out by reading! Hopefully you will enjoy this one :) x


4. London.


At home I collapsed to my bed and I just wanted to fall asleep forever. I couldn’t get off of my mind how I just had made myself look like a total mental person in front of Harry. It made me feel so stupid. Like he now on wanted to talk to me again, I knew this would eventually happen, nothing lasts in my life. I pressed my face to my pillow and screamed as loud as I could. I stopped when I heard my phone buzzing. I had received a text message from Harry.

“Great, now he probably is telling me to stay away from him”, I mumbled and turned around to lie on my back. I opened the message with tears of frustration on my eyes.

“Hey, I’m seriously worried about you… I know you still don’t know me that well, but I hope you could trust me and let me help you! Harry x” Now the tears begun to race down my cheeks. I didn’t answer him; I just threw the phone away trying to escape my whole existence. Deep inside of me I was happy that he wanted to help, but something inside me still told me not to tell anyone, it felt like the woman would come after them or after me if I told someone about her. So I decided to shut down about her for a while still. Who knows what future brings, maybe there’s someone who can save me from seeing her, maybe not. I was still lying on my bed and slowly I fell asleep, without changing or washing off my makeup.


On Friday I went to school like everything was okay. The same shit hit me again at school and this time much worse. Someone had told someone about me talking to Louis and changing numbers with him and well the rumour-which was true- hadn’t stop its way to other ears.  Most of the students in my school knew about it and started yelling to me about it when I passed them on the hallways. I ignored them as well as I could. It was surprising how many actually cared about it, but maybe they were just jealous that the most unpopular person in their school was friends with Louis Tomlinson. Some of the girls even tried to be nice to me and tried to ask his number, but I knew they were faking it all. I was happy when the clock turned to 2.30pm and I got to go home. Almost immediately when I arrived home Louis called me and told that he would be here after 5 minutes with his friend and his girlfriend.

It took exactly the 5 minutes to them to arrive. I stepped outside of the house and smiled widely to Louis who had gotten up from the car. I was happy to see him again; he was so nice and friendly. He helped me to put my small baggage to the trunk. Louis was driving so I sat to the front with him.

“Hey! I’m Brittany”, I smiled and greeted Louis’ friends.

“Hey! I’m Zayn and this is my lovely girlfriend Perrie”, Louis’ friend said and I shook hands with both of them. They both seemed really nice so I was actually looking forward for this short trip.

It took the little over two hours to drive to London. On our way there we get to known each other better and even had a good laugh. We sang the songs from the radio, others louder than I, because I was the only one who wasn’t in a band. And to be honest they all sang really well, so I loved to listen to them. Louis parked in front of the hotel that we were supposed to stay in. It was a luxury hotel for me at least. We had a huge apartment together to share. There were two bedrooms and I was a bit nervous if I needed to stay in the same room with Louis. But before I had time to break my nerves over that, Perrie started talking:

“Should I and Brittany share a room? I was just think-“ She got interrupted by Zayn who attacked her from behind wrapping his arms around her.

“No way, I want to sleep next to you!” Zayn said and kissed Perrie’s cheek from behind. Perrie looked at me asking if it was okay with me. I smiled and nodded to her. I was scared, but maybe I would survive sleeping in the same room with Louis this time. It was close to 6pm now and we all needed to get ready for the event. Perrie and I conquered the bigger bathroom for us before the boys could have said a word. Perrie helped me to put on a nice looking party makeup, she was really nice to me, and it made me smile. Being with them made me feel important and like I actually was someone again.

When we all were ready we got into a small limo and left to the event. I was so nervous to go there, a lot of people knew who Louis was and well I was just nobody compared to the company I was with. Anyway I was following Louis, Zayn and Perrie to our table where we then sat down. We were served some snacks and drinks. It was lovely and we just talked about the event and what we could do tomorrow before heading back home. We talked a little while before it was time for the first speech and presentation.


The event was really good and I really liked it. It even got me emotional in one point, but that’s enough of it. After the event we walked back to the limo and headed back to the hotel. Louis told in the event that he could sleep on the couch and I could take the bed. He knew I wasn’t the kind of person who wanted to move on too fast and he wanted me to feel comfortable. We stepped in to our ‘apartment’ and everyone immediately started changing their clothes to some more comfortable ones. It was getting closer to the midnight.

“Hey Louis, I’ll go get something to eat from the hotel shop, I’m quite hungry still”, I said smiling, took my room key and left the room. I walked down to the lobby and went to buy yogurt and bagel. The woman in the reception was really friendly and wished me a good night as I left. I decided to walk back by using the stairs instead of the lift. I was on our floor, which was the 7th. I walked slowly towards our door when I needed to stop. My feet were hurting so much, for no reason. Yes I had walked over hundred steps but it wasn’t that. I needed to squat, I just couldn’t continue walking. The pain was just terrible. And what made it worse was that on the end of the corridor I saw someone. At first I couldn’t recognise the person but when she came closer I saw it was the same road grey haired woman. But this time I couldn’t escape. It was like she had caused the pain to my legs so she could get to me. I started crying and tried to hide my face to my hands. Soon I heard Louis’ voice. He ran to me and squatted down next to me.

“Brittany what’s wrong?” he asked. I just kept crying and he took me in to his arms to hug me. I pressed my head against his chest and kept crying.

“Louis?” I started. He looked at me and let me continue:

“Could you sleep next to me on the bed instead of sleeping on the couch? I just can’t be left alone right now.” Louis looked at me worried and nodded:

“Of course, if that’s what you want.” I smiled to him a bit and walked to our room with him. And surprisingly the pain on my legs was gone when I stood back up. We went straight to our room; Zayn and Perrie were already sleeping in their room. I ate the yogurt and brushed my teeth. Then I crawled to the bed and Louis soon came next to me. He still wanted me to feel comfortable and didn’t come too close. Louis was laying his back turned to me. I didn’t know if he was asleep already, but at least I couldn’t sleep yet. Louis’ duvet wasn’t covering his back, so I decided to draw to his back with my finger. Suddenly he moved; he wasn’t sleeping. He turned around smiling:

“You’re a good drawer.” I rolled my eyes smiling. He smiled back and we were just looking to each other’s eyes. It felt really good and I think I had some butterflies on my stomach. I guess I was getting to feel something for him. But I didn’t want to rush or anything, I don’t want to feel broken hearted. Later that night I felt asleep, Louis’ arm around me. 

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