Fix Me

Brittany is a girl who have experienced something terrible in her childhood and that's why she's still having troubles with it. She's having hallucinations and that's why she always sees the same woman, who no one else can see. Is there anyone who can save her, after her therapist have done her best to help her? Find it out by reading! Hopefully you will enjoy this one :) x


3. Do you need some help?



Next day I skipped school because I felt so sick, so I just stayed home. The charity event with Louis would be in two days and it made me feel even sicker. I was just so nervous to go out there with him and see lots and lots of people. But the cause was good, so why shouldn’t I go? The subject was so close to me, but I think I could never stand up against bullying - because I’m the one who gets bullied - at least not in my school. The event would be in London, which is few hours drive away from where I live. I asked Louis in the morning that what time he was about to pick me up. He told me that we would leave already at 3pm, so I needed to leave school a bit earlier. He also told me that one of his band mates would come with us too with his girlfriend. I was okay with that, it would be less awkward when there were more people.

It was already afternoon and I had nothing to do, so I decided to start pack my baggage ready for Friday, when we’re leaving to London with Louis. Not that I needed a lot of things with me, but Louis told that we would stay in a hotel near the Roundhouse, because the arranger insisted to offer them a free night in London. I packed some clothes with me and other things I think I would need, but one thing was missing; the dress to the event. I really wasn’t a person who wears dresses so why would I have one? I felt a little better already so I took some money from my savings. I had saved money since I was little, don’t know what for, but I’m glad I did it. I walked out of the door and took my bike. I bicycled all the way to the mall which was over 6 miles away. As soon as I arrived to the mall I saw some girls from my school looking at me from head to toes and after passing me they started laughing. I rolled my eyes like I didn’t care and stepped in to the dress store. I started just looking through the racks. After looking through the dresses for a while I heard someone behind me asking:

“Do you need some help?”

I didn’t look behind me I just started explaining:

“Yes please, I’m not a girl that uses dresses and I’m attempting to one event I ne-“, I got interrupted by a small laughter behind me. I turned around and noticed Harry being there. I bet the look on my face was worth seeing; it was shocked, but happy, terrified and confused. After I realised how amazingly ridiculous I looked I shook my head and asked:

“Oh hey, what are you doing here?”

“I was just getting some groceries to make some dinner for myself”, he said lifting the shopping bag a little. I just smiled to him when he continued:

“Do you want to join me? I’m home alone for the rest of the week and I’d love to have some company to the  dinner”, he asked smiling flirty.

“Thank you, I’d really love to, but I have to find a dress for myself today”, I said turning back to the dresses.

“Well let’s make a deal, I’ll help you to find the dress and after that you’ll come to my place to have a dinner?” Harry said and came next to me and started looking through the dresses. How in the world I could tell him no when he insisted to help me? I just sighted and turned to face him. He tried to pull a puppy face and it made me laugh. I chucked and told him I would come.

Harry found me a really nice dress, which actually felt comfortable to wear as well. It was black, a knee length and had a voluminous sleeves. It had a little bit gold in it, and I really liked it. It wasn’t the cheapest dress, but I guess the event would be worth it. I paid and we left the store together. I left my bike there and hopped in to Harry’s fancy Range Rover.


After some time we arrived to Harry’s place. It was seriously beautiful, from the outside and especially from the inside. It was decorated in a modern way and it looked really good. Harry walked straight to the kitchen and put the groceries to the fridge. I was still on the hallway looking the pictures of his family.

“You have a really nice house”, I said with raised voice so Harry would hear it to the kitchen.

“Thank you, I wanted to put up the family pictures there”, he said walking to where I was.

“Do you want to help me to prepare the dinner?” he asked smiling and looking at me. I was looking at his baby picture; he had been such a cute baby.

“Yea of course”, I finally said smiling to him. We walked up to the kitchen and started making tacos.

“Could you cut the cucumber in to smaller pieces?” Harry asked pointing to the cucumber that was on the kitchen table. He himself was washing the peppers to cut them. I took the knife from the magnetic wall and started cutting.

“Have you eaten tacos before?” Harry asked, like I was born and raised in a box.

“Yes I have, but the first time I tried the-“, I started, but stopped when I noticed that I had cut in to my finger. It was bleeding rather much and I was just quietly looking at it; I couldn’t stand seeing blood. Harry looked to my way after I suddenly went quiet. He raised his eyebrows in a shock and quickly handed me a paper towel. I pressed the paper towel against the cut and tried not to feel sick. Harry ran to get the first-aid kit. He sat me down to a chair next to the table and took the detergent and put some of it to a piece of paper. He squatted and started cleaning the cut. It stung so much. Harry’s hand was under mine, holding it so he could clean the cut. It made me feel better, and he was such a sweetheart for helping me. He finished cleaning the cut and put a large plaster on it.

“There you go! Change the plaster before going to sleep and it should be ok in few days”, he said still holding my hand. I smiled to him whilst he got up and walked to the stove to finish the dinner.

Harry carried the dinner to the table where I was sitting. He handed me the taco he had made and it looked like he did it every day. Nothing fell off even when I ate it. Harry’s kitchen table was by the window and I could see out of it. It was already dark outside and I could see the moon. The moon was beautiful, not yet a full moon, but soon it would be in its full size. I loved to watch the sky, the space was just so fascinating somehow, and I had always thought what was behind the clouds and the universe. But then I froze, I stopped eating; I stopped everything I was doing. Everything around me just disappeared, and you can only guess who I saw outside by the swing he had outside, the woman. I had a terrified look on my face and I bet I looked scary. Harry got really worried and tried to get my attention. He looked outside to see what I was seeing, but I know he didn’t see anything.

“Brittany, are you okay?!” he asked raising his voice, not because of anger, because of worry. He looked outside again and after that came next to me and touched my shoulder. It made me recoil and soon I was back in the moment. Harry noticed upcoming tears on my eyes and hugged me, even if I was still sitting.

“Do you want to talk about it?” he asked helpfully. I just shook my head while one tear run over my cheek.

“I can’t, not now, I’m sorry”, I said now looking deep into Harry’s eyes.

“Are you sure?” he asked still looking worried. I just nodded and asked if he could drop me home.  

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