Click, Clack, Drag.

Its about a boy called Jack. He goes to the park with his friend and he stays on his own. Then he hears something and runs for it. Was it Click Clack Drag ?


4. The Search.

In the morning Jack's Mum had realized that he hadn't came home that night. She searched all around the house and couldn't find him. He wasn't in the attic either. In the end she called the police and her family and they were all searching for Jack. She went to the park and nobody was there. The police looked all over the town and there was no sign of him at all. His Mum suddenly remembered to look in the garden and was shocked at what she saw. There was a bloody mess and the bones of the poor child were scattered all over the place. The police are still looking for the beast that had done this to Jack but there was no proof of  what had done it. Click Clack Drag is still out there today and may be lurking in your garden right now. Don't go out there after 6 at night other wise you might just be a pile of bones and a bloody mess. Watch Out for Click Clack Drag !!!!!!

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