Click, Clack, Drag.

Its about a boy called Jack. He goes to the park with his friend and he stays on his own. Then he hears something and runs for it. Was it Click Clack Drag ?


2. The Park.

At the park they played many rounds of football with some other boys from their year who was already there. Then they went on the swings and raced up and down of the giant spider web. They were having so much fun that time went quickly. To them it felt like 10 minutes but it had really been just an hour and a half. John and everyone else set off for home. Jack decided to stay at the park. 'If it takes 15 minutes to get home, I might as well go now.' thought Jack. He looked back at the park and for once it looked spooky, the wind blowing, the street lamps on and nobody else there.

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