Click, Clack, Drag.

Its about a boy called Jack. He goes to the park with his friend and he stays on his own. Then he hears something and runs for it. Was it Click Clack Drag ?


3. The Journey.

He went on the journey to get home. He was about 3 minutes away from his house when he heard breathing coming from behind him, and it wasn't his. He didn't want to look behind him because he was scared of what he might see. He walked a few more meters and then heard a faint sound like Click Clack Drag. As he carried on his heart was pounding so hard it felt like a sledge hammer, whacking its way out of his body. He continued walking and the noise was getting louder. He could sense something was behind him. He started to run home. When he got there he banged on the door. No one answered so he tried to open it, but found it was locked. He opened the gate and went round the back to try and get in from that door. The curtains were shut and the door was locked. He looked up but all of the windows were closed. He could here the Click Clack Drag noise getting closer and closer to him. He decided to look round and in seconds he was killed. 

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