One Direction and Me! <3 (FINISHED!)

Chloe, Connie and Emma are all normal girls with normal everyday lives....thats all until one day when they meet one direction and everything changes...


60. Will you be mine?

Louis's POV
When we arrived at my parents house I nudged Connie awake.
"Are we hear?" She said.
"Yep!" I got out the car and got our bags. Connie got out the car too and look at the house. My Mum and Dad were stood by the door, awaiting to greet us. I got our bags from the car and hugged my parents and introduced Connie. We walked into the house and straight upstairs to my bedroom. We dumped our stuff and Connie dumped herself onto my bed. I sat down next to her.
"I like your house!" She said.
"What, like the 10 seconds of hallway that you saw!"
"We'll it was a very nice hallway!" She said.
"Ok, ok! Lets me give you the GRAND tour!" I grabbed a plastic microphone that I found, and lead Connie around my house.

Connie's POV
Louis's mum prepared lunch and after the 'grand' tour, we dug in! After lunch we watched a movie. I snuggled up to Louis and we watched the movie. Louis decided half way though to fall off the sofa, I could tell he fell off on purpose seeing as he had to climb over me. He lay on the floor for a while.
"Lou? You ok?" I asked, not moving.
"Uh-ha!" He replied. I could hear him rummaging in his pocket, what was he up to?!?! He got up onto his knee.
"Connie?" He asked.
"Err..yeah?" I proper myself onto my elbows, not really knowing what he was doing. He got out a small black box from his pocket. He opened the box to revile a small silver ring. I gasped.
"Will you be mine?" He asked.
"Yes, yes and more yes's!!!" I shouted. I went to hug him, but seeing the fact that he was on the floor and I was on the sofa. I kind of feel on him! When we were both lying on the living room floor, he slipped the ring onto my finger. Our lips meet and I felt two shadows hover over us. All we pulled away from each other, I kept my eyes on Louis's despite knowing his parents were hovering over us. Louis stared at me smiling.
"Mum, Dad! You can go now!!!" He said this whilst still staring at me. I couldn't believe he just asked me to marry him! I was going to be Mrs Tomlinson!!!!! He meant it when he said it in the car!!! After his parents left us alone, we got up off the floor.
"I've gotta call Chloe!" I said.
"I understand, girl talk!" He turned the movie off and starting watching a TV program. I ran into Louis's bedroom and dialled Chloe's number.
"Hello? Chloe!" I said.
"Wow! What are you so excited about!?" She replied.
"Louis just gave me a ring!" I screamed.
"Oh my! They are all at it! We should start a promise ring club!" She didn't understand.
"No, no! He didn't give me a promise ring! He gave me an engagement ring!" This time Chloe screamed!
"Omg! Wow Connie! Omg!" Was all she could say.
"I know! He like literally proposed!!!"
"Ok what did he say?!" I toke her though it, bit by bit.

Chloe's POV
When I hang up to Connie I turned around and Harry was still sitting on the sofa,mum moved.
"What was all that screaming about?!" She asked, staring at the TV screen.
"Oh yeah! Forgot you could hear me!" I laughed. "Guess what?!?!"
"What..!" Harry said, trying to act excited.
"Connie and a louis are getting married!" I screamed again.
"Wow!" He said.
"Connie like just told me, like just now!"
"I know! You were like just like of like the like phone like to like her like!" I punched his shoulder.
"I don't say like that many times!"
"Hey! I preferred it when you threw cushions! What has the shoulder do to you?!"
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