One Direction and Me! <3 (FINISHED!)

Chloe, Connie and Emma are all normal girls with normal everyday lives....thats all until one day when they meet one direction and everything changes...


10. The morning

Chloe's POV
The next morning I woke up at about 9ish and I couldn't hear any other noise, so I guessed knowing else was awake. I went into the living room to see if anyone else was up, when I heard a voice. Singing. I couldn't make out who it was, but there were singing 'its gotta be you' I stuck my head round the corner. And Harry was sat on the sofa singing with a guitar in his hand. I was about to pop my head back round the corner when he saw me and invited me over.

"Err...morning!" I said, "Morning!" He said. He played a couple of guitar strings that were completely different to the song he was singing. "You can't played the guitar can you?!" I said laughing, "No," he said and started randomly swiping his hands on all the different keys.Then Nial ran in. "Hey, get of my guitar!!!" He shouted and jumped on Harry, me and the guitar! After Nial grabbed the guitar and stormed out of the room, me and Harry stayed still laughing. I was still lying on top of him, when Louis walked in. "Ooooohhh!" He said, "I'll let you to be...alone!" He said and walked out. We don't want anyone else to get that idea so we sat up. He was staring at me, I stared back. "You really are beau-..." Harry started but was cut of by Liam(who had overussilly return from we're ever he was) "BREAKFAST!" Me and Harry both got up and joined the others who were already sitting at the table. Louis had overussilly told them what he saw, because they were all staring at us. Zayn has also returned from were ever he was and he stared at me. Had I got something on my face or something? Everyone was staring at me lately. Anyway, we
Tucked into a full English breakfast. I sat next to Harry, and everyone was still looking at both of this...
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