One Direction and Me! <3 (FINISHED!)

Chloe, Connie and Emma are all normal girls with normal everyday lives....thats all until one day when they meet one direction and everything changes...


4. The Hotel

Emma's POV
After the shopping we went to go and crash in a hotel. It wasn't five start but it was good enough for one night. Chloe and Connie made themselves right at home in the king sized double bed, so I knew the scruffy single bed in the corner was mine. I dumped my shopping bags onto the bed and went to go find the bathroom. When I found it I had a hot shower, brushed my teeth and went to bed. Connie was already asleep in her clothes when I crashed aswell, but chloe was staring into space.

I woke up in the morning bright and early. One direction day! I didn't know what to do, as the others weren't awake, so I had another shower and got dressed. Soon Chloe woke up and had a shower aswell and I saw connie wake up but she didn't move until I reminded her it was the concert today. Then she ran into the bathroom, which had no lock. I heard a scream come from chloe. Connie must have walked in on her showering. Soon we all went down to breakfast, checked out of the hotel and went back into town to wander as we couldn't think of any thing else to do until 3:00pm when the concert starts.
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