One Direction and Me! <3 (FINISHED!)

Chloe, Connie and Emma are all normal girls with normal everyday lives....thats all until one day when they meet one direction and everything changes...


9. That night

Emma's POV
After singing to the Lion king for about an hour. The boys offered us accommodation, which we couldn't resist. Louis decided we should play dares, so we did the whole counting to 21 thing! First Louis got 21 and Nial dared him to kiss Connie. As they had only just meet, he just peeked her on the check, but you could see Connie went red and was smiling very hard! Then Nial got a dare to go and sit on the roofs for 20 minuted as I think he was stared of heights. Chloe dared Connie to drink a whole bottle of beer, because Connie hates the taste of beer. And I got dared by Louis to kill myself.... Of corse i didn't!

After the dares we decided to call it a night. The boys showed us to our rooms and we all said good night. What a day!?!?!
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