One Direction and Me! <3 (FINISHED!)

Chloe, Connie and Emma are all normal girls with normal everyday lives....thats all until one day when they meet one direction and everything changes...


12. Staying in London

Chloe's POV
"When do you go home?" Harry asked us, "Tomorrow" replied Emma, "We can't afford to keep staying in hotels,". "Stay with us then!" Said Louis, directing the question to Connie. Harry looked at me hopefully. "Ok!" I said!

We went back to their place for lunch. Liam put on a massive pan of pasta for us all, I resized he was the cook as he prepared the breakfast as well. We all eat the pasta, finishing it all off. After wards everyone went to go watch TV, and me and Harry were on washing up duty.

Connie's POV
After Lunch we went to watch TV, nothing particularly good was on and we all sat in silence. That went we could hear Harry and Chloe screaming and gigging more! They both came into the living room socked with bubbles in their hair! We all looked at them and laughed. "Now, now children! What have a told you about water fights!" Said Louis in a voice that my mum would have said it in.

That night we all watched another movie. This time Harry was in charge on the DVD player instead of Nial! Phew! We watched Love Actually. Liam, Zayn, Nial, Emma, Louis and Me all lay across the sofa leaning on each other. And Chloe and Harry on the cushions again. I really could see those two together...
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