One Direction and Me! <3 (FINISHED!)

Chloe, Connie and Emma are all normal girls with normal everyday lives....thats all until one day when they meet one direction and everything changes...


34. Sister

Connie POV
I woke up the next morning at 9:37, I could hear the shower and a loud of rubbish singing come the bathroom and I guessed a louis was taking a shower. Either that or Zayn had sneaked in half way though the night!
"Lou?" I shouted.
"Yes, my carrot princess," he shouted back.
"Thought you were meant to be in a band," I heard him laugh and then the singing got worst!

I was just about to get up when there was a loud knock on the door. I grabbed some legging and a hoodie and pulled them on quickly and then ran to the door. I opened it to find a tall girl with similar hair colour and eye colour to me. She was about 24 ish and I had never meet her before.
"Err...hi?" I said to her.
"Hi, does connie live here?" She asked.
"Yeh that's me!" I said.
"Hi I'm Georgie. Your sister."
I stared at her. It was a shock to me. Sister. The words came out my mouth even though I was meant to say them in my head.
"Yes sister," she replied. Louis came out of the room with a towel around his waist, before he could see who was standing at the door. He said, "you know Chlo you can come in! You don't have to stand at the doo-" he cut himself off as he got to the door and resized it wasn't chloe. Of corse it wasn't chloe! It was 9:45 she wouldn't be up!!!
"Hi...? I'm Louis..and you are?" Louis asked Georgie.
"I'm Georgie! And I think me and Connie need to go and get coffee," Georgie said.
"Yes we do!" I said grabbing my jacket and bag and slipping on my boots.
"Babe, I'll be back soon ok?" I said and kissed a louis on the check.

I walked with Georgie to cafe Roma, which was our nearest cafe. We sat down and ordered coffee and cake. She explain that when our parents got a divorce, our dad tock Georgie and Mum tock me. She said that a couple of weeks ago she saw my photo in a magazine and then she found my home phone number. Apparently my mum told Georgie my address and since she was in London she went to find me straight away. I sipped as she talked and by the time she started her coffee, I had finished mine! I just looked shocked at her, I believed her of corse. It was just a lot to take in.
"I...just...can't believe... I have a sister!" I said, I hugged her. "How did you know I was your sister?"
"I didn't until about a week ago. Dad also saw the magazine that you were on. And he was like: "I think that's your sister!" And I was like "huh? I have a sister???" And he explained the whole story, like I explained to you. And then I found you!" She hugged me again. And then she finished her coffee. "Oh, and another small thing I need to ask's just a small thing..........HOW COME YOU ARE DATING LOUIS TOMLINSON?!?!?!??!!!!!!????"
"Oh, yeah! That small thing!" I replied blushing.
"Also do you like have 2 cousins that live in London...err...Chloe and Emma?" Georgie asked.
"OMG yeah! How did you know!?" I was so shocked.
"It was kinda the same story with the magazine and dad like I think they are your cousins, so yeah!"
"Wow, that's so cool! Our parents should have told us before!" I nibbled on my cake whilst saying this, seeing as I hadn't had any breakfast yet.
"I know, that's what I said! So you are dating Louis? From one direction?" She asked.
"Yeah!" I said blushing a bit again, seeing as like everyone on planet earth knew.
"In a minute your tell me you know all the boys from 1D and that my cousins are dating Harry and Niall!!" She was being sarcastic, and sipped her coffee again.
"Err..yeah!" I looked away.
"Yeah!" I replied.
"Can I meet them?" She asked.
"Aren't you a little old for one direction," I questioned.
"Not them! My cousins! Chloe and Emma,"
"Yeah sure, we are meeting up today so I can introduce you all!" I said.
"Aww thanks!" She hugged me again. My phone started vibrating.
"Excuse me!" I said.
"Hey Lou!"
"Hey! Where are you?"
"Oh I'm in cafe Roma, with Georgie,"
"Oh she's my sister,"
"You never told me you had a sister!"
"Yeah! I just found out as well!"
"Wait where are you again?"
"Cafe Roma!" I saw Louis press his nose against the glass of the window we were sitting near. I laughed and hung up. He came inside, and greeted Georgie. We talked for a bit and then went to go and meet the others.

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