One Direction and Me! <3 (FINISHED!)

Chloe, Connie and Emma are all normal girls with normal everyday lives....thats all until one day when they meet one direction and everything changes...


49. Megan

Louis's POV
My younger sister Megan has been wanting to meet Connie for ages. We haven't really had time yet, even though we have been doing like nothing! I invited her to hang out with us tomorrow, but I'm really worried. Chloe has already had a bad experience with sisters and Megan has a massive crush on Harry, so I'm not sure how that will go down!

Megan's POV
I have meet the boys before, but I had never meet Connie, Chloe or Emma and I am really excited to meet them! I just hope I can act causal around didn't work last time, but that was like a year ago!
They were all going round to Louis's place and I got a taxi over there, as I didn't have a driving licence. I knocked on the door and Connie answered it.
"You must be Megan!" She said, greeting me with a hug.
"And you must be Connie!" I said.
"I have heard so much about you from Lou!" Connie said inviting me in. She walked me into the living room and Louis was playing Wii Sport.
"Hey sis!" She shouted pulling me onto the sofa for a hug which involved him lying on me. He carried on playing Wii Sport sitting on my back until Connie said he was being mean and she set me free. About 10 minutes after Emma and Niall arrived and I was also greeted with hugs. I felt a lot better, because I was really worried and all.
"Is Chloe and Harry gonna arive any time soon?" I asked Connie.
"No! It's to early for them!" Connie replied.
"But they are half an hour late!"
"Exactly too early!"
Zayn and Liam soon arrived and we were all playing on Wii Sport, taking it in turns.
About 40 minutes later Harry and Chloe arrived. They were greeted with hugs and kisses.
"Hi! Umm...Megan?" Chloe said hugging me.
"Yeah! And your Chloe? I think!" I knew but I was being polite.
"Do you read magazines?"
"Then you already know! I am Chloe!"
We all sat and had lunch and then played on the Wii some more. I sat on the other side of the room from Harry. He already knew I had a massive crush on him, which is a bit awkward!
Then Louis, being Louis, made us all play dares! Everyone moaned as they had probably played it far too many times. So had I!
After the dares Liam, Zayn, Chloe and Harry left. And it was just me, Niall, Emma, Connie and Louis.
"You didn't even talk to him!" Said Louis, grabbing my shoulders.
"I didn't want to," I mumbled.
"You didn't want to? You haven't shut up about him since we started the band!"
"Umm...sorry but someone fill me in on what has happened?!" Asked Connie.
"Basically, Megan here, has the biggest, most massive crush on Harry!" I blushed and put my head in my knees.
"Megan! Nothing to be embarrassed about! You are allowed to like boys!" Said Connie. I felt really stupid. All these older girls and boys were trying to lecture me on my crush.
"...but I don't think Harry will be available any time soon! Trust me Chloe normally says with a guy for like 3 weeks! And it's been like 6 months now!" Emma said.
I neede to go home soon, and I got Emma's and Connie's numbers so we could meet up some time. I called a taxi and went home.

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