One Direction and Me! <3 (FINISHED!)

Chloe, Connie and Emma are all normal girls with normal everyday lives....thats all until one day when they meet one direction and everything changes...


2. London

Connie POV
Me, Chloe and Emma are finally all together! We decided to spend out first day in London, well at least I decided! Both they both seemed to agree. I guess I am sort of the leader out of us three, for one I'm the eldest and the loudest. I sometimes worry if they are to scared to say what they actually want. But me and Chloe have been best friends for ever and I think if she had a problem she would of told me. She always is so calm and cool about everything though, unlike me I'm loud and hyper and get excited over practically everything! I don't know hoe Chloe keeps her cool the whole time....? Emma also seems very relaxed about most things. Sometimes I don't even think she's on earth the whole time. It's like she is on earth 30% of her life and in EmmaLand. They are both so relaxed. I must have zoned out whilst thinking about this, because chloe was now starting at me looking confused. I looked out the window of the bus we were on and we past the London eye it was massive! I couldn't wait for tomorrow! We were going to see one direction!!!!!
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