One Direction and Me! <3 (FINISHED!)

Chloe, Connie and Emma are all normal girls with normal everyday lives....thats all until one day when they meet one direction and everything changes...


24. Late birthday or early!

Connie's POV
Me and Louis also turned up to surprise them, and since Niall and Emma were moving in together, we might aswell celebrate! I called Liam and Zayn was with him, so they came over almost straight away! Then I called Harry, it ringed for a bit and he eventually answered it, and said he would be there in 5.
"Huh!" I said to Chloe,"your boyfriend is useless at answering a phone! Just like you!"
"I taught him well!" Said chloe, as if it was something to be proud of!
Harry arrived in the next 5 minutes and greeted Chloe will a long kiss.
"Umm..excuse me!" Said Niall, trying to break up the kiss. "This is my night! Well, both our our night!" He said, whilst putting his arm around Emma.
"Errr...Niall are you saying, I'm not allowed to kiss Chloe, and since its 'your night' I have to kiss you.." Said Harry. Niall blushed, as that's kind of what he was saying! "Fine....carry on!" Niall said, giving in. Harry bent over me again, and carried on.
"Don't mean to interrupt again!" Said Connie, "BUT DON'T WE NEED TO CELEBRATE!" Harry laughed as I pulled away, she does have a point!
"Come in its mine and Emma's night so...-" he got cut of by Louis.
"Umm...but it's not just you two love birds celebrating tonight! I saw everyone smiling apart from Chloe, who knew everyone was in on something she wasn't.
"Do you know what there talking about?" Niall asked Emma.
"Not a clue," Said Emma, starting to look worried.
"I love the worried faves and everything."said Louis, "but can we get on with it?!?!?"
"Ok" we all said in chorus. Well apart from Niall, Emma and Chloe who all still looked confused. We lead them though to the living room, in Emma and Niall's new flat. Inside there was a big banner reading: 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHLOE, NIALL AND EMMA!'
"Awwww! You guys!" Said Chloe hugging everyone.
"One quick question" said Niall, "Why is Chloe first? I'm older...I think,"
"When were you born?" Chloe asked.
"The 13th of September," replied Niall.
"Yes, I know that! I mean what time?"
"Umm...I think about 11 ish,"
"HA! I'm older!"
"Why? When were you born?"
"Half 7! That's why I'm first....and you know because I'm better and all!" Said Chloe. Louis put his arm around me. "Hate to break it too you Niall, but she is better than you!" Louis said. I smiled at him.
"Hey! Hands off my girl!" Said Harry pushing him off, and replacing Louis's arms with his.
"Fine!" Said Louis, "I guess I will just have to do with you..." Said Louis looking at Me, as if he was sad. "HEY!" I said. "Only joking, babe!"
They was a pile of presents in the corner. "Ok," said Louis, "Now it's who ever gets the most presents wins!"
"That doesn't seem very fair!" Chloe said.
"Oh ok!" He said, "just go find the ones with your name on!"
We did as he said. Niall opened a big blue one first, it was a blue hoodie that said Niall on the front and 'I love Emma!" On the back. It was from Connie and Louis.
"Hmmm...let me guess what this is...?" Said Emma sarcastically, as she found an identically wrapped one.
"I knew we should of wrapped them differently, but Connie over here instituted!" Said Louis.
Emma unwrapped a matching pink hoodie, that said Emma on the front and I love Niall on the back. Chloe found another identically wrapped parcel, with a red hoodie inside. I said chloe on the front and I love Harry on the front.
"Hmmm...let me guess what my Christmas present is...!" Said Harry. They all put on there hoodies and thanked me and Louis.

Chloe's POV
We opened all our other presents. I received a one direction phone case and the one direction book from Liam! Some blue sparkly earrings from Zayn and a jack wills hoodie from Niall and Emma. "That way you won't need to steal Harry's all the time!" Said Niall."I don't steal it! I borrow it!" I replied. I liked wearing Harry's hoodies, they spelt of him! Harry had already given me a birthday present of some diamond earrings, but he said he felt bad and he had got me something else... He gave me another kiss, and I heard Niall say 'here we go again!'
"Now children, once you've finished! Food is served!" I pulled away from Harry as the offer of food was to good! We all stuffed ourselves full with party food and then on the radio 'Live while we're young!' came on! We turned it up as loud as the radio would go and we all sang along, even me!

Emma's POV
The birthday presents and food and ......singing! we're all great!
I woke up the next morning on the sofa, I was leaning against Niall, we must have all fallen asleep in the living room as, Louis and Connie were leaning against each other on the floor, Chloe was leaning against Harry's chest on the other sofa and Liam and Zayn were lying randomly across the floor. I was the only one awake and I decided to get up. I removed Niall's arm from around my neck and grabbed my eye liner from my suitcase. I drew a large moustache under Louis's nose and a hairy beard on Connie's chin. I wrote NERD on Chloe's forehead and another moustache on Harry's face. On Zayn I wrote Emma rocks across his forehead and I drew years done Liam's face. On Niall's I wrote I love Emma. I can't believe none of them woke up to me drawing on their faces! I slipped back under Niall's arm and he woke up as I was doing it. "Morning babe," he said. I handed him a small mirror and he looked at his forehead, he kissed me and I tock him though what I had done on everyone. He chuckled at me. I heard Zayn wake up and s
Cream EMMMMMA!!!!!! He must have had a mirror by his side, trust Zayn to do that! Eventually everyone woke up and screamed or shouted at me or though both of the boys just laughed. Everyone went to wash there eye liner face paint off, apart from Louis and Niall. Niall I didn't blame, seeing as we were dating...., but Louis!
"Err...Louis? Are you going to wash that off!?" I asked.
He looked surprise as if I had asked him to shave his hair off, but then he said:"why would I?!? I think it's a good look for me! What do you think Chlo?" Chloe walked into the room and simply laughed at him! "Louis you do know we are going out today?!" Chloe said, "YES!!!!!! I get to show off my new look to everyone!!!"
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