One Direction and Me! <3 (FINISHED!)

Chloe, Connie and Emma are all normal girls with normal everyday lives....thats all until one day when they meet one direction and everything changes...



Chloe's POV
I woke up surprisingly early today and lay in bed for about 5 minutes. Then I resized it was Christmas Day, and me being my childish self, woke up Harry excitedly!
"Harry! It's Christmas!" I said nudging him. When he opened in his eyes I was leaning right over him, shaking him.
"Merry Christmas!" He said, kissing my lips. We got up and got dressed into Christmassy cloths. Harry in jeans and a Christmas type wooly jumper, me in a red and green striped dress. We skipped breakfast and opened presents!!!!!
Harry opened mine first. I got him the iPod 5 in orange, his favourite colour! He kissed me again and then handed me a small present wrapped in green paper. I ripped of the paper and there was a small navy blue box sitting in my hand. I looked at it, a bit worried that he was about to propose. I lifted the lid, to find a silver ring. There was writing engraved on it saying: 'Chloe and Harry forever'. I put it on my finger and thanked him. Then we realised we actually didn't get up that early, as it was 10:30. We got into Harry's car and drove to Louis's and Connie's.
When we got there I hugged Louis and Connie. And guess what?!?!?? WE WERE FIRST THERE! The boys went into the living room and Connie helped me with our bag of presents out of the car.
"OMGL!" She screamed, as she saw the ring,"He proposed!!!" She screamed.
"No...?" I said,"It's just a ring,"
"Chloe and Harry forever!" She said examining it." Married couple stay together forever! This is totally a promise ring!" She screamed again.
"A promise ring?" I said.
"Yeah, a promise ring is when your not really old enough to get married but you promise your partner you will be with them for the rest of your lives!" I stared at her.
"Oh! That's why Harry was asking me to never leave him!" I said to her, it was all making sense now.
"Oh my god! Your going to be Mrs Styles one day!" She screamed one final time, before I told her to shut up. We walked back into the living room, were Louis was opening a bottle of wine.
"Louis isn't it a bit early?" I asked.
"We'll last time I came to your house, at 9am you were drinking!" He said, I blushed and accepted the wine glass he offered me.
"Here's to the married couple!" Louis said.
"Louis we are not married!" I said.
"Yet!" Louis said,"You do know that's a promise ring right?" I nodded.
I couldn't believe it! Today I got to hang out with my neatest friends, my boyfriend asked me to marry him(kind-of) and it was Christmas!!!!!
Liam arrived soon after we finished the wine bottle between us.
"About time!" I said.
"Merry Christmas, to you too!" He said, hugging me.
"I heard about you and Harry!" He said and I showed him the ring. Emma and Niall arrived moments later and Emma tock me off in private to have her own scream. I was getting a bit annoyed on how much attention I was getting. Like Christmas is a day for everyone! Not just me!
Zayn finally arrived and we all estranged gifts. I sat on Harry's lap on the sofa and opened various gifts. Then we all dug into a gorgeous Christmas lunch prepared by Connie and Liam. After wards we talked and opened more presents and tock way to many photos! Then it started to snow! It's was only a little bit and we all went outside and had a.....I would say massive, but it wasn't. There wasn't much snow so we only had a small snowball fight, then we drank hot chocolate and watched TV. We were watching the Christmas cutest couples awards, just because it came on and we couldn't find the remote. Emma and Niall were 10th and Connie and Louis were 6th. I guess that's the closest we thought any of us would get. Louis stared throwing chocolates at the TV and shouting:
"But he proposed to her, for god sake!" Then out of the blues they announced me and Harry as number 1. They had somehow found out about the promise ring and that put us in the top!!! After wards we watched various Christmassy movies and no one wanted dinner as we were still stuffed from Christmas lunch! What a day?!?!?!!!!

Authors note:
I know some of you are problem thinking, why didn't I wrote about Louis's birthday on the Christmas Eve chapter. It was because I wanted all the drama to happen on Christmas Day, and I wanted to make the other chapter a short one. So please don't be annoyed at me! I did remember!!!! xxxx
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