One Direction and Me! <3 (FINISHED!)

Chloe, Connie and Emma are all normal girls with normal everyday lives....thats all until one day when they meet one direction and everything changes...


57. Ireland

Emma's POV
When me and Niall stepped of the plane, I looked around to see hills and fields full of ponies and sheep. It was like a drawing of the countryside! Niall looked at me and smiled.
"Welcome to Ireland!" He said. There was a small red family car waiting on the side of the road for us, and after we walked out of the airport Niall lead me over to it. A small, brunette women was standing outside and a tall man was standing next to her. Niall ran up to them, and our hands we still locked together, so I ended up running with him.
"Emma, this is my Mum, Anna and my Dad, Bobby," he hugged his Mum and Dad. And then they both hugged me too. Niall lead me into the car and it was a short drive to his house. As we drove I looked out the window at the miles of country side. Niall saw me staring.
"It's not all like this!" He said and as I looked back out the window we were on a main road, full of traffic. There were pubs and shops and massive buildings surrounding us. I looked back at him and smiled.
"Told you!" He said. We drive into a small esate, with a couple of family homes on. Bobby pulled into the second house on the street and I think it was probably the biggest one, by a bit! I stepped out of the car and looked at the house. Niall rested his head on my shoulder.
"Yeah, it's not as big as our flat! But it will do!" I laughed and got my bags out of the boot of the car. A tall boy let us into the house, I'm guessing he was Niall's brother.
"Hi I'm Greg! Niall's brother," question answered!
"Hi, I'm Emma!" We shock hands and Niall showed me his room, so we could dump our bags. It was a big room, with a large double bed and a sofa by the wall. I dumped my suitcase near the bed, and I dumped my rucksake onto the sofa and then dumped myself onto the sofa.
"Wow! Ireland is beautiful!" He sat down next to me.
"What, the 2 minutes of country side that you saw?"
"Yep!" I laughed.
"So, how's old your brother?"
"He's 23,"
"Oh cool! I was just wondering, because he looked older than you,"
"Yeah, me and him are step brothers. My family's complicated. I have a step Mum, a Mum, a Mum that's not really my Mum...!" I looked at him, and then remembered I knew nothing about Niall's family! It was just a topic we had never really covered. He knew just about everything about my family! He had meet my parents and my cousin and my sister was one of his closest friends.
"So do you wanna go to a pub?" He asked.
"Niall! We just arrived!"
"There no law, stating that when you arrive in Ireland you cant go to a pub!"
"Ok, then! Since there's no law!" I let him pull me of the sofa and we grabbed our jackets.
"Mum! We're going out!" Niall shouted from the door of the hallway into the kitchen.
"But darling, you just got here!" I looked at Niall in a kind of: ha, told you! way.
"We'll! We will be back for dinner!"
"Ok, love! Have fun!"
"Will do!" We chorused. I loved Niall's family! Even though I had only known them for about 5 minutes. They were really calm about everything! I could see I was going to fit in here, very well!
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