One Direction and Me! <3 (FINISHED!)

Chloe, Connie and Emma are all normal girls with normal everyday lives....thats all until one day when they meet one direction and everything changes...


58. Interview went well!

Chloe's POV
"So I just have to say Congratulations!" The crowd cheered as the tall, American lady said this.
"Thanks, but we are not getting married," Harry said.
"So what is this on Chloe's finger?" The lady lifted up my hand, and the camera did a close up of the ring, she read the engraved writing. "Chloe and Harry Forever!" The crowd cheered again.
"It's a promise ring! Ok?" The lady gave me a sympathetic look and then carried on annoying us.
"So Chloe," I hated the way she said my name in her fake sounding American accent. It sounded like the ones that girls in my neighbour hood used to put on, they used to walk around saying: oh my god, that's amazing!' "Do you not want to get married to Harry?!"
"No!" That came out wrong. "We'll yes!" The crowd 'oohh!' "We'll not yet," I looked at Harry and he understood what I was saying.
"So your practically saying you don't love him enough to marry him?!" She said.
"What the hell! I never said that! If you haven't noticed we are only eighteen!" I shouted at her.
"We'll my daughter got married at the age of sixteen,"
"We'll that's your daughters choice!" I shouted back at her.
"Oh, I know!" The lady said," I bet there's another reason why you are not getting married! Maybe you can't just yet!" The lady point to her belly and the crowd 'oohhed' again.
"Yeah?" The lady said excitedly.
"No!" Me and Harry chorused.
"Are you sure?" The lady asked, just to be annoying.
"Yep! Pretty sure!" I replied.
"But we have photos of you being sick, are you sure your not pregnant???" A really I attractive photo of me, came up onto the big screen behind us. It was a photo of when I was really drunk. I don't even know how they got a photo of that!
"Harry... How could you love this girl?" Ok! What the hell! Just because I didn't look to good in a photo! Ok! That was it!
"What the hell! Did you just say!" Harry stood up and I think he was about to take on the lady.
"Harry just leave it!" I said, calmly.
"Leave it?!?! We won't shut up about our marriage, she accuses you of being pregnant and she asks me how can I love you!!!!!! I can't just leave it!!!" He stormed out of the studio and grabbed my hand in the progress. Simon was waiting outside.
"You saw it?" Harry asked.
"We'll unless an alien lands on earth, your face is going to be on every magazine, tomorrow morning!" Simon opened the door to the limo and he sat in the front with the driver to give us a bit more privacy. Me and Harry sat in silence. His fingers were intwined with me.
Simon dropped us back at our flat and connie and Louis were in the living room.
"Let your selves right in, then..?!" Harry said.
"Aww thanks Harry!" Connie said.
"Chloe? Your not pregnant are you?" I chucked a cushion at him. Me and Harry sat down on the sofa next to them.
"How bad was it?" I asked.
"We'll that argument between you and that lady was enjoyable, but Harry! Top marks mate! That storming out stuff, that was epic!" Louis said. I chucked another cushion at him and he chucked one back at me. We started having a cushion fight and Connie and Harry sat there laughing. My phone started ringing and I sat on top of Louis and answered it.
"Hey Mum!" I said.
"Chloe! I heard your news!" She said.
"What news?!"
"I can't believe I'm going to be a grandma!!" My mum said excitedly.
"Err.. Mum...I'm not pregnant!"
"How bad was the interview..?"
"What interview..?"
"What?!? Why did you think I was pregnant then..?"
"We'll you know sometimes on google? There are like photos for special celebrations or occasions. You know, like home screens?!"
"Yeah," I said, not really knowing were this was going.
"We'll I just went onto the Internet to look up a restaurant that me and your father are going out for dinner, I went onto google and a photo of you and Harry came up and a caption coming out of you mouth saying I'm pregnant!"
"..your joking!" I said.
"Help me!" Louis shouted. I forgot I was sitting on him!
"Oh! Is that Harry?" My mum asked.
"No it's Louis!"
"What he doing here?"
"Being sat on! By me!" I said proudly.
"Ok? I won't even ask! Me and your father are going out for dinner now, so I've got to go! Bye darling!"
"Bye mum!" I hang up and stood up, off of Louis.
"Your heavy!" He said.
"I once had all you 5 on top of me!" I said.
"Point taken!" He sat back down next to Connie and I sat on Harry's lap.
"What is it with you and sitting on people?" Harry asked.
"Oh god!" Connie said,"I'm next!!!!"
I tried to load up google onto my phone, but as usual it was taking forever to load!
"What was that all about?" Harry asked. Google finally loaded!
"This!" I said showing him my phone.
"Oh.." He replied.
"I wanna see!" Louis said whilst diving across both of us and grabbing my phone.
"Chloe! You said you weren't pregnant!" He said, examining the phone.
"I'm not!" I said, about to throw another cushion at him. But they were all on the floor and I couldn't be bothered to get up. Louis showed the google home screen to Connie and then gave my phone back! Soon the whole world would be getting the wrong idea! Some already would be!!!

Authors note:
This is quite a long chapter, probably one of my longest!!!! Sorry it has a lot of dialogue, it's quite hard to explain a interview and phone call without dialogue! This chapter was real long long! But it wouldn't save on my iPad and I had to rewrite it, and then I couldn't be bothered and stuff!
Thanks for reading! Remember to like fav and comment if you haven't already!!!!! Xxxxx

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