One Direction and Me! <3 (FINISHED!)

Chloe, Connie and Emma are all normal girls with normal everyday lives....thats all until one day when they meet one direction and everything changes...


42. I wake up to this!

Chloe's POV
I woke up this morning and lay in bed with my eyes closed. I heard Connie and Emma whispering among themselves. I pretended to be asleep and tried listening in on their convosation.
"You tell her!"
"No I'm her sister!"
"Exactly that's why you should tell her!"
"But your her best friend"
"Tell me what?" I said out loud.
"Oh em, we need to show you this!" I propped myself up with my elbows and looked at the thing Connie handed me. It was a magazine with a big photo of Georgie and Harry kissing. I looked at it. Then I looked up. Connie handed me her phone with Harry's number already ready to dial. I ran into the bathroom with the phone and locked the door.
"Hello? Connie?" Said a tired sounding Harry.
"No it's me!" I said sounding angry.
"Oh what's up babe?!" He asked.
"What's up! What's up is your face on the front of a magazine with your lips attracted to Georgie's!"
"There's a photo of that?!!!!!?" He shouted sounding alarmed.
"Yeah, there's a photo of that!" I was about to hang up.
"No wait! I can explain. She just came up to me after a concert and kissed me. I didn't kiss her back! It was so random! I pulled away and I was as angry as you are,"
"You sure?"
"Ok I believe you! So what? She just came up to you?"
"Yep! Pretty much! Never get annoyed with me again!"
"You know that I love you! And I wouldn't replace any other girl for you!"
"I love you too!"
"By the way this will be wasting Connie's credit so you might wanna give her her phone back!"
"Yeah probably should! Byeee! See you in 2 days!!!!!!"
I handed Connie's phone back and explained what Harry had explained to me!
"Oh my god!" Said Emma.
"My sister is a bitch!" Said Connie.
"Oh! When she gets back she is gonna pay!" I said.
"Big time!" Said Emma.
"If she really does like Harry...." Connie said, I think she had a plan,"then whenever we are all together just always be kissing him! It will make her really jealous. Can u do that Chlo?"
"With pleasure!!!" I said.
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