One Direction and Me! <3 (FINISHED!)

Chloe, Connie and Emma are all normal girls with normal everyday lives....thats all until one day when they meet one direction and everything changes...


7. Going round to their place

Connie's POV
After the concert we were about to leave, when Emma remembered she had left her handbag in the toilets. Me and Chloe waited outside the toilets and I think Emma needed to go again as she was ages! And then...we were just standing there, and Louis and Harry walked past. "Hey!" Said Louis, looking at me, with out thinking about it I replied:"Hi!" And then ran into the toilets quickly.

Chloe's POV
After the gig, Emma left her bag in the toilets and me and connie waited outside. Harry and Louis walked pasted us. Harry stopped right in front of me. I stared down at my shoes, not knowing what to do. He touched my chin and pulled my head up so we had eye contact. "So you liked the gig?" He asked. "Yeah, you were great. I'm not one of those massive fans, sorry!" I said. "No that's good. I hate people how are completely crazy over me." I smiled at him, finding it a bit awkward. Then I heard Louis calling him. He grabbed my hand and ran of to find Louis. I followed, still holding his hand. Our hands fitted perfectly as if they locked together with no gaps. I could hear Connie and Emma calling my name, I stopped. Harry stopped as well and stared at me, his eyes sparkled. "Wait! Wait here!" I said and ran off.

I got to were Emma and Connie were standing and quickly filled them in on the Harry stuff. I told them to be normal as he didn't like crazy fans. Then I walked back to Harry with Connie and Emma behind me. I introduced them all, and Harry invited us back to their place. Of course we excepted. Harry reached out for my hand again and I clasped it again, and I heard connie let out a shriek.

Emma's POV
We went back to the boys place. It was a flat but it was massive, it had like 20 bedrooms. Zany and Liam were out somewhere. But Nial was sitting on the sofa about to turn on the TV when Harry and Louis walked in with us. Nial stared at us and Louis jumped over the sofa onto him and told him Harry was just picking up random girls. Nial laughed but invited us in. There was a massive sofa that seats about 10, but with Louis lying across a bit there was only room for about 4 more. Nial smiled at me and invited me to sit down next to him. I say awkwardly on the edge and he sat close next to me, with his legs up on the sofa. Connie sat down on the other edge near Louis, which you could see she liked. "Aww what?!" Harry said, "It looks like there no more left" he said it sarcastically, because yes we could all see there was no room left. He pulled out two large cushions from we're Louis was lying down and placed them neatly next to each other on the floor. "Care to join me?" He said to Chloe, whilst sitting down on on of the cushions. Chloe laughed and joined him on the other cushion. Nial turned on the Lion King, I loved Disney films! By the end of the movie no-one had moved apart from Chloe and Harry. Chloe was now leaning against Harry's hip and he had his arm around her. It was weird how they had only just meet, yet they could be so casual with each other. I could see Nial was trying to work up the courage to put his arm around me, but hadn't quite yet. And I could see Louis didn't even acknowledge Connie was there.
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